THE LODGE St Michael Papers

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TStMP 1903 01 Early Freemasonry in Sumatra by W Craig.pdf
TStMP 1903 02 Some Notes on Masonic Juriprudence under Grand Lodge of England by G Brinkworth.pdf
TStMP 1903 03 Notes on the Early History and Inauguration of Lodge St George by CW Banks.pdf
TStMP 1904 01 Freemasonry on the Continent by A Koch.pdf
TStMP 1904 02 Some notes on Masonic Juriprudence under Grand Lodge of England Part 2 by G Brinkworth.pdf
TStMP 1904 03 The Earliest Lodges in the Straits by W Craig.pdf
TStMP 1905 01 The Origins of Freemasonry by J Richie.pdf
TStMP 1905 02 Some notes on Ancient Rites and Ceremonies by FA Ricard.pdf
TStMP 1905 02a Makepeace's criticism on Ricard's paper by W Makepeace.pdf
TStMP 1905 03 A comparison of Ancient Egyptiamn with Masonic Symbolism by Rev D Holland Stubbs.pdf
TStMP 1906 01 Security Fidelity and Obedience by FA Ricard.pdf
TStMP 1906 02 Freemasonry in the Middle Ages by J Richie.pdf
TStMP 1906 03 The Foes of Freemasonry by J Richie.pdf
TStMP 1906 04 Etiquette of Freemasonry by FA Ricard.pdf
TStMP 1906 05 Freemasonry in Singapore (1906) by FA Ricard.pdf
TStMP 1906 05a Freemasonry in Singapore before 1905 by FA Ricard.pdf
TStMP 1907 01 Record Making by W Makepeace.pdf
TStMP 1907 02 Lodge Humanity with Courage and the revival in Penang by W Craig.pdf
TStMP 1907 02a appendix Lodge Humanity with Courage and the revival in Penang by W craig.pdf
TStMP 1907 03 The Science of Numbers by FA Rickard.pdf
TStMP 1908 01 Some notes on eraly meetings of DG Lodge by W Craig.pdf
TStMP 1908 02 The Second Lodge Neptune at Penang by W Craig.pdf
TStMP 1908 02 Appendix The Second Lodge Neptune at Penang by W Craig.pdf
TStMP 1908 03 Hiram Abif by Marks & Rosenbaum.pdf
TStMP 1908 04 Freemasonry under Foreign Jurisdictions by FM Elliot.pdf
TStMP 1908 05 An Enquiry into the First Duty of every Freemason by HC Zacharias.pdf
TStMP 1912 01 The Call of the Craft by W Makepeace.pdf
TStMP 1915 01 Freemasonry at War by AW Still.pdf
TStMP 1916 01 Some Discursive Thoughts on Freemasonry by DC Boomkamp.pdf
TStMP 1916 02 Notes on the Emulation Working by FB Goodacre.pdf
TStMP 1917 01 Is Freemasonry a Religion by AW Still.pdf
TStMP 1918 01 Masonic Democracy A Model for the Nations by FG Bourne.pdf
TStMP 1919 01 Some notes on the 3rd Degree by FG Bourne.pdf
TStMP 1920 01 Masonic History & Symbolism Part 1 by A Shelley Thompson.pdf
TStMP 1921 01 Masonic History & Symbolism Part 2.pdf
TStMP 1923 01 Freemasonry in China by TM Wakefield.pdf
TStMP 1924 01 The Cult of Beauty by AJ Shelley Thompson.pdf
TStMP 1925 01 Masonic Origins by AW Still.pdf
TStMP 1928 01 Tolstoy, War & Prace. Masonic References by AJ Newby.pdf
TStMP 1928 02 Notes on Masonic Origins by RA Dix.pdf
TStMP 1928 03 Women & Freemasonry by GH Davies.pdf
TStMP 1929 01 An Exhortation for Renewed Energy by AJ Newby.pdf
TStMP 1929 02 Origin of and Reasons for the Union by RA Dix.pdf
TStMP 1930 01 King Solomons Temple by HB Amstutz.pdf
TStMP 1931 01 The Ideal of Fraternity in Freemasonry by Bishop EF Lee.pdf
TStMP 1933 01 An Extract of Old Minute Books (Penang and Singapore) by RA Dix.pdf
TStMP 1934 01 A Guest of Grand Lodge at the dedication and Opening of the Peace Memorial by GWA Trimmer.pdf
TStMP 1934 02 Further Extracts of Old Minute Books by RA Dix.pdf
TStMP 1934 03 By-Paths of Freemasonry by L St G Petter.pdf
TStMP 1935 01 Freemasonry & Medicine or the Craft and the Leech by JS Webster.pdf
TStMP 1936 01 A Short History of the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago by RA Dix.pdf
TStMP 1936 04 Masonry and Hereafter by HAR Cheeseman.pdf
TStMP 1938 01 Eygptian Eschatology, the Pyramid of Gizeh and the Origin of Freemasonry by OO Bill.pdf
TStMP 1938 02 The Morman Ritual and its Relation to Freemasonry by HC Faxon.pdf
TStMP 1939 03 Freemasonry in a Changing World by HAR Cheeseman.pdf
TStMP 1938 03 Whece Come You by HC Faxon.pdf
TStMP 1939 01 Sir Thomas S Raffles by RF Palmer.pdf
TStMP 1947 01 Some further fragments of Irish Freemasonry WE Hutchinson.pdf
TStMP 1947 02 My impressions of freemasonry by AE Witte.pdf
TStMP 1947 03 The ritual of the first degree by RM Young.pdf
TStMP 1948 01 The Comancines by HC Faxon.pdf
TStMP 1948 02 Legend or History which by CL Edwards.pdf
TStMP 1948 03 the History of Freemasonry in Russia by BKL Englemann.pdf
TStMP 1949 01 Views of the Craft as seen by a legal practitioner in Singapore by FG Vaux.pdf
TStMP 1950 01 The aims and relationships of the craft by G Edmonds.pdf
TStMP 1950 02 The first five years of Lodge Royal Prince of Wales by EA Stains.pdf
TStMP 1950 03 KIng Solomon's temple by HB Amstutz.pdf
TStMP 1951 01 Freemasonry in the early years in Malaya by HAR Cheesman.pdf
TStMP 1951 02 Master James of St George by AW Frisby.pdf
TStMP 1951 03 A Mason in the Levant by CW Masters.pdf
TStMP 1952 01 Heraldry in Freemasonry by CH Withers Payne.pdf
TStMP 1952 03 The Lodge of Masons Co of London by CH Withers Payne.pdf
TStMP 1953 03 Freemasonry and the Spanish American Empire by AW Frisby.pdf
TStMP 1954 01 Early British Freemaonry by VCT Morris.pdf
TStMP 1954 02 Feemasonry in Ireland by WE Hutchinson.pdf
TStMP 1954 03 Thomas Dunkerly by AW Frisby.pdf
TStMP 1954 03a Thomas Dunkerly additional extracts by AW Frisby.pdf
TStMP 1955 01 Speculative Freemasonry organised by VTC Morris.pdf
TStMP 1955 03 Freemasonry and the Spanish American Empire by AW Frisby.pdf
TStMP 1956 02 Freemasonry in the army in the 18th Century by J Cameron.pdf
TStMP 1957 01 Early Years of Freemasonry in Australia by RJ Grove White.pdf
TStMP 1957 03 In Retrospect by DCD Sanderson.pdf
TStMP 1960 03 G.L. of Scotland, Scottsh Freemasonry and R Burns by DC Bindon.pdf
TStMP 1961 01 Development of the Installation Ceremony by DJ Herring.pdf
TStMP 1962 01 What is the purpose of freemasonry by DJ Herring.pdf
TStMP 1963.02 Some notes on irish freemasonry by CHR Mortimer.pdf
TStMP 1963.03 Questions answered in a forum session.pdf
TStMP 1964 01 Alchemy and Freemasonry by HC McMullen.pdf
TStMP 1964 02 Ceremony and Procedings of an 18th Centuary Lodge by FA Mussett.pdf
TStMP 1964 03 History of Freemasonry in Western Australia by KE Meyer.pdf
TStMP 1966. 01 What may you tell the candidate by F Jones.pdf
TStMP 1966. 02 what may you tell the intiate by DV Davis.pdf
TStMP 1967 03 The Ceremonies and Proceedings of an Eighteenth Centuary Lodge of Freemasons.pdf
TStMP 1967 03 a The Ceremonies and Proceedings of an Eighteenth Centuary Lodge of Freemasons.pdf
TStMP 1969.01 The Strange corners of freemasonry by DV Davis.pdf
TStMP 1970 01 The North East Corner by JAH Reid.pdf
TStMP 1971 04 Some notes on Masonic Music by BCJ Buckeridge.pdf
TStMP 1975 01 From Whence our Signs by E Walker.pdf
TStMP 1975 04 A History of Freemasons Hall Coleman Street by ELS Jennings & TH Neoh.pdf
TStMP 1975 04 a short history of freemasons hall by ELS Jennings.pdf
TStMP 1976 05 The Foundation of Lodge St Michal No 2933 by DJ Herring.pdf
TStMP 1977 01 Persians & the Parsees and their Masonic Traditions by RMH Patel.pdf
TStMP 1977 04 A reworked paper of W Makepeace first delivered in 1907 titled 'Record Making' by JL Seale.pdf
TStMP 1978 03 The Royal Masonic Institutions & Royal Masonic Hospital their past present & future by JL Seale.pdf
TStMP 1979 01 Foundation of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand by PH Sidwell.pdf
TStMP 1979 04 Speculation upon the origins of freemasonry by PH Sidwell.pdf
TStMP 1980 02 Freemasonry in England & Europe its trials and Tribulations by YK Wong.pdf
TStMP 1980 03 The Foundations & Developments of Johor Royal Lodge by M Randhava.pdf
TStMP 1980 04 The Emulation Ritual of St Michael by HF Nakhoda.pdf
TStMP 1981 02 W Bro Edaljee Khory By RMH Patel.pdf
TStMP 1981 05 R W Bro EG Holiday by JM Parker.pdf
TStMP 1981 06 Freemasonry Politics & Religion by Wong YK.pdf
TStMP 1982 02 The Candidate & the Craft by E Kang.pdf
TStMP 1983 02 Heraldry in Freemasonry by EF Mullan.pdf
TStMP 1983 03 Freemasonry in Singapore, my personal observations by Chan CK G.pdf
TStMP 1983 04 Building of Freemasons Hall 23A Coleman St.pdf
TStMP 1984 01 Lodge Johore Royal by FA Musset.pdf
TStMP 1985 03 Two Centuries of Freemasonry in South East Asia by ELS Jennings.pdf
TStMP 1985 04 The Election and Appointment of Office Bearers by Chan CK G.pdf
TStMP 1986 03 Charity Antient & Modern by EF Mullan.pdf
TStMP 1986 04 Roscicrucianism and Freemasonry by PS Sthna.pdf
TStMP 1987 04 The Lodge Officers by YH Degani.pdf
TStMP 1988 04 Some Notes on the Persecution of Freemasonry and Freemasons by EB Bailey.pdf
TStMP 1989 01 Freemasonry in Robert Burn's Time by HH Revie.pdf
TStMP 1989 02 Charity by JM Parker.pdf
TStMP 1989 04 What Freemasonry means to me by KE Toft.pdf
TStMP 1990 01The Armed Forces & Freemasonry by CS Standley.pdf
TStMP 1990 04 Past Masonic Funeral Customs by C Arul.pdf
TStMP 1991 01 TO Mayhew and Mayhew Lodge of RA Mariners by EF Mullan.pdf
TStMP 1991 02 Duties of Lodge Treasurer by Robin Rawlings.pdf
TStMP 1991 04 Mozarts Masonic Music by JG Bones & DK Pigot.pdf
TStMP 1991 05 The war and the craft by CG Standley.pdf
TStMP 1992 01 The Masonic Certificate by Lim Boon Par.pdf
TStMP 1992 02 Basic Principles of Masonic Symbolism by CG Standley.pdf
TStMP 1992 03 Freemasonry in the modrn world by DM Fisken.pdf
TStMP 1993 02 Excerpts from Sir Stamford Raffles by KE Toft.pdf
TStMP 1993 04 Music in Masonry by JG Bones.pdf
TStMP 1994 01 The Royal Arch Jewel by JM Parker.pdf
TStMP 1994 02 Founding of DGLEA and role of John Colson Smith by ELS Jennings.pdf
TStMP 1994 03 Notes on the Future of Freemasonry by Robin Rawlings.pdf
TStMP 1994 05 What to tell a Preospective Candidate about Fremasonry.pdf
TStMP 1994 06 Freemasonry and the Hash by DK Holloway.pdf
TStMP 1995 01 The first 50 years of the Craft in the Eastern Archipelago by ELS Jennings.pdf
TStMP 1995 02 Whither freemasonry forum and dicussion.pdf
TStMP 1995 03 The Order de Molay by W Greenwood.pdf
TStMP 1995 04 Irish Freemasonry in South East Asia by DM Fisken.pdf
TStMP 1996 01 Freemasonry in Cyberspace by LJO McGill & EF Mullan.pdf
TStMP 1996 02 150th anniversary of Zetland in the Esat No 508 a video by EF Mullan.pdf
TStMP 1996 03 Origins and Practices of the Order of the Eastern Star by DM Fisken.pdf
TStMP 1996 04 Malay Royalty and Freemasonry by Ong Hean Tat.pdf
TStMP 1997 01 The Gavel - EF Mullan.pdf
TStMP 1997 02 The 3 British Constitutions some customs and usages - CG Stanley.pdf
TStMP 1997 04 Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church by RI Rawlings.pdf
TStMP 1998 01 Freemasonry and the needs of man by KE Toft.pdf
TStMP 1998 03 Our Earliest Origins, Historic & Speculative by DA Bailey.pdf
TStMP 1999 01 Ceremonies &Proceedings of an 18th Century Lodge by DA Bailey.pdf
TStMP 1999 03 Freemasonry through Adversity in the Orient byJohn Storey.pdf
TStMP 1999 03a Freemasonry through Adversity in the Orient (original paper) by John Storey.pdf
TStMP 1999 04 After your Raising by David Lee.pdf
TStMP 2000 01 History of Johore Royal Lodge No 3946 by L Struys.pdf
TStMP 2000 03 Lodge St Michael 1902 to 1906 by DA Bailey.pdf
TStMP 2000 03a A Masonic Chronolgy of Freemasonry in the Eastern Archipelago 1765 to 1906.pdf
TStMP 2001 01 Sir Stamford Raffles 1781- 1826 by DA Bailey.pdf
TStMP 2001 02 Social Etiquette in Freemasonry by SP Banerjee.pdf
TStMP 2001 03 The life of W Bro Andrew Sommerville McBride by R Chaudhury.pdf
TStMP 2001 04 WH Read by DA Bailey.pdf
TStMP 2002 01 Freemasons Halls Singapore 1845 to 1879 by EF Mullan.pdf
TStMP 2002 02 The History of Lodge P2 by R Romani.pdf
TStMP 2002 05 Oration - Lodge St Michael 2933 EC by Jack Wong.pdf
TStMP 2003 01 Sir Charles Warren Quatuor Coranati Lodge no 2076 and Singapore by C Arul.pdf
TStMP 2003 02 The Kiplingsby by Clifford Standley.pdf
TStMP 2003 03 Arthur Knight and King Edward VII - D Bailey.pdf
TStMP 2004 01 you are permitted to extend your reserach by RP Ng.pdf
TStMP 2004 02 Operational Prspectives of a Research Lodge by SP Banerjee.pdf
TStMP 2005 01 Back to the Future European Concept of Masonry by RP Ng C McDonald.pdf
TStMP 2005 01ppt European Concept of Lodge by C MacDonald and RP Ng.pdf
TStMP 2005 02 Makepeace a man for all seasons by Bailey by C MacDonald.pdf
TStMP 2005 03 The true maening of brotherly love by ChrisBridges.pdf
TStMP 2005 04 Freemasonry for Sex Murder and Profit by C Macdonald.pdf
TStMP 2005 04 ppt Freemasonry for Sex Murder and Profit by C Macdonald.pdf
TStMP 2006 01 Masonic Poetry of Rudyard Kipling by JKC Davies.pdf
TStMP 2006 01a Masonic Poetry of Rudyard Kipling - JKC Davies.pdf
TStMP 2006 01ppt Masonic Poetry of Rudyard Kipling.pdf
TStMP 2006 02 Quo Vadis Freemasonry by JAT Fernandez.pdf
TStMP 2006 03 ISLAM AND MASONRY by Hatim F Nakhota.pdf
TStMP 2006 04 Chinese Triad society and Freemasonry by Chris Bridges.pdf
TStMP 2006 05 Masonic Activities in a POW Camp.pdf
TStMP 2007 01 RWB FM Elliot by Shivaprasad Banerjee.pdf
TStMP 2007 02 Gothic Architecture - Freemasonry by Bernard Bulens.pdf
TStMP 2007 03 The Point within the Circley - WB Sivakumar.pdf
TStMP 2007 04 - The Age of Enlightenment and Freemasonry by RP Ng.pdf
TStMP 2008 01 Warren. The Bond of Brotherhood by Colin Macdonald.pdf
TStMP 2008 02 JT Desaguliers and Freemasonry by Khaleel Namzie.pdf
TStMP 2008 04 Anderson_and_His_Constitutions by Khaleel Namazie.pdf
TStMP 2009 01 Pythagoras by Ronald Ng.pdf
TStMP 2009 04 The Knights Templar and their legacy to modern freemasonry by Bernard Bulens.pdf
TStMP 2009 05 Rituals revisited by Khaleel Namzie.pdf
TStMP 2010 01 The Winding Staircase by Ivan CS Lee.pdf
TStMP 2010 02 Memorisation and Delivery of Masonic Ritual by Saptak Santra and Rajash Singh.pdf
TStMP 2010 03 Freemasonry and the Occupation of Japan by Robert Koole.pdf
TStMP 2011 01 The Second Degree Tracing Board by Laurence Wong.doc
TStMP 2011 03 The Royal Arts - Exploring the Link between Alchemy and Freemasonry by Darren Desker.pdf
TStMP 2011 04 The Victoria Cross Freemasons' Band of Brothers by Granville Angell.pdf
TStMP 2012 01 Rituals Practiced by DGLEA by Darren Desker.pdf
TStMP 2012 02 My Brother Not A Bugger by Shiva Banejee.pdf
TStMP 2012 03 The Tracing Boards_Whence Come They.pdf
TStMP 2012 04 The Master Mason’s Apron - Darren Desker.pdf
TStMP 2013 03 To Instruct the Brethren in Freemasonry The Case for Masonic Education by Darren Desker.pdf
TStMP 2014 01 Commitment and its Importance to Freemasonry by Ken Toft.pdf
TStMP 2014 02 Royal Arch and the journey of Individuation - Jeff de Kleijn.pdf
TStMP 2014 03a The Duties of the Lodge Organist & The Walker Organ - John Bones & Rolf Stokkmo.pdf
TStMP 2014 03b The History of the Masonic Festive Board - Rolv Stokkmo.pdf
TStMP 2014 04 brief History and Purpose of Initaition into Secret Societies by Rolv Stokkmo.pdf
TStMP 2015 03 Principia Ethica Harmonica by Jeffrey de Kleijn.pdf
TStMP 2016 01 A Personal Perspective of the Exoteric and Esoteric Aspects of Harmony in Freemasonry by Andrew Tow.pdf
TStMP 2016 01a A Personal Perspective of the Exoteric and Esoteric Aspects of Harmony in Freemasonry by Andrew Tow.pdf
TStMP 2017 01 Why the Seven Liberal Arts & Sciences Matter by Darren Desker.pdf
TStMP 2017 02 Initiation and the Hero's Journey by Derren Joseph.pdf
TStMP 2017 03 THe Lost numbers by Allein Moore.pdf
TStMP 2018 01 Exploring the Legal Issues and Challenges in Registering Lodges in Singapore by Michael Gray.pdf
TStMP 2018 04 When ACS Commandered Masonic Land by Michael Gray.pdf
TStMP 2018 04a St Michael wither directing its course by7 Michael Gray.pdf
TStMP 2019 01 The Original Plan of Freemasonry by Darren Desker.pdf
TStMP 2019 02 Confucius Philosophy and Masonic Ideals – Universal values by Ronald Ng.pdf
TStMP 2019 03 1814, Consolidation and Change - the first year of UGLE by Mike Kearsley.pdf
TStMP 2019 03a The North East Corner Masonic fact or fiction by Mike Kearsley.pdf
TStMP 2019 04 The 3rd Grand Principle by Ho Koon Leong.pdf