Ars Quatuor Coronatorum

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Vol 1 - 1886 - 1888"Some Old Scottish Customs" by Gould, R. F. [page 13]"The Steinmetz Theory by Speth", G. W. [page 23]"An Early Version of the Hiramic Legend" by Hayter Lewis, Prof. T. [page 34]"Freemasonry and Hermeticism" by Woodford, Rev. A.F.A. [page 38]"On the Orientation of Temples" by Warren, Sir C. [page 48]"Links Between Ancient and Modern Freemasonry" by Hughan, W. J. [page 67]"The Religion of Freemasonry Illuminated" by the Kabbalah by Wynn Westcott, Dr. W. [page 72]"The Quatuor Coronati: The Legend as given in the Arundel MS" by Wooford A.F.A [page 78]"English Freemasonry Before the Era of Grand Lodge" by Gould, R. F. [page 88]"The Apostle St Paul, A Mason" by Tendler C.H. [page 98]"Threefold Division of Temples" by Simpson, W. [page 11}"Unrecognized Lodges and Degrees of Freemasonry" by Yarker, J. [page 141]"On the Legends of the Compagnonnage, Part I" by H. Rylands, W. [page 152]"Two New Versions of the Old Charges" by Speth, G. W. [page 166]"Scottish Freemasonry Before the Era of Grand Lodges" by Speth, G. W. [page 166]"The Roman Legend of the Quatour Conronati" by Forbes, S. Russell [page 196]"An Attempt to Classify the Old Charges" by Begemann, Dr. W. [page 199]"Masters' Lodges" by Lane, J. [page 219]"Quatuor Coronati" Abroad by Speth, G. W. [page 236]"Scottish Freemasonry in the Present Era" by Macbean, E. [page 254]"The Grand Lodges of England and Sweden' by Kupferschrmdt, C. [page 265]
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Vol 2 - 1889"The Worship of Death" by Simpson, W."On the Legends of the Compagnonnage, Part II" by Rylands, W. H."Hogarth’s Picture, Night" by Rylands, W. H."Foundation of Modern Freemasonry" by Speth, G. W."Freemasonry in Rotterdam 120 Years Ago" by Vaillant, J. P."Origin of Freemasonry" by Cramer, B."Grand Lodge at York" by Whytehead, T. B."Free and Freemason" by Schnitger, F. F.
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Vol 3 - 1890"The Antiquity of Masonic Symbolism" by Gould, R. F."Masonic Character of the Roman Villa at Morton, Isle of Wight" by Crease, Col. J.F."Masonry and Masons' Marks" by Hayter, Lewis, Prof. T."Brahminical Initiation" by Simpson, W."A Masonic Curriculum" by Speth, G. W."Freemasonry in America" by MacCulla, C. P."A Forgotten Rival of F'my--The Noble Order of Bucks." by Rylands, W. H."Naymus Graecus" by Papworth, Wyatt"Formation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland" by Macbean, E.
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Vol 4 - 1891"The Druses and Freemasonry" by Haskett Smith, Rev."Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary" by de Malczovich, L."The Swastika" by Murray-Aynsley, Mrs."Martin Clare" by Gould, R. F."Albert Pike" by Gould, R. F."Masonic Landmarks Among the Hindus" by Minos, Rev. P. J. Oliver"Unidentified or Missing MSS." by Hughan, W. J."The Alban and Athelstan Legends" by Howard, C. C."Naymus Grecus" by Howard, C. C."Masonic Musicians" by Barrett, Dr. W. A."A Masonic-built City" by Forbes, Dr. S. Russell"Old Lodge at Lincoln" by Dixon, W."Notes on the William Watson MS." by Begemann, Dr. W"Royal Arch Masonry" by Hughan. W. T.
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Vol 5 - 1892"The Noose Symbol" by Simpson, W."The Tau or Cross" by Murray-Aynesley, Mrs."Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)' by de Malczovich, L."Masonic Clothing" by Crowe, F. J. W."The Craft Legends" by Begemann, Dr. W."Masonic Genius of Robert Burns" by Richardson, Sir B. W."Thomas Manningham" by Gould, R. F."The Proper Names of Masonic Tradition" by Ball, Rev. C.J."Date of Origin of Grand Lodge (Antients), 1751" by Lane, John"The Masonic Apron" by Rylands, W. H."The Assembly" by Gould, R. F.
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Vol 6 - 1893"The Tabernacle" by Malden, Rev. C. H."Symbolism of the Tabernacle" by Wynn Westcott, Dr. W."Dumfries Kilwinning MS. No. 4" by Lane, John"The Tracing Board in Oriental and Medieval Masonry' by Clarke, C. Purdon"Ancient Stirling Lodge" by Hughan, W. J."Old Charges (A classified list)" by Hughan, W. J. "Rev. W. Stukeley" by Gould, R. F."Freemasonry in Mexico, I" by Gould, R. F."Dr. Robert Plot" by Gould, R. F."The Assembly' by Speth, G.W., Begemann, Dr."Masonic Clothing" by Crowe F. J. W."Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)" by de Maiczovich, L.,
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Vol 7 - 1894"From Labour to Refreshment in olden time" by Vernon, W. F."Continental Jewels and Medals" by Crowe, F. J. W."The Rosicrucians and Freemasonry" by Wynn Westcott, Dr W."Masters' Lodge at Exeter" by Hughan, W. J."Master Masons to Crown of Scotland" by Macbean, E."The True Text of MS. Constitutions" by Upton, W. H."Random Courses of Scottish Masonry (Early Records)" by North, J. McIntyre"Medical Profession and Freemasonry" by Gould, R. F."Freemasonry in Mexico, II" by Gould, R. F."Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)" by de Malczovich, L.
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Vol 8 - 1895"The Arch and Temple in Dundee" by Lindsay, Thomas A."The Hon. Miss St. Leger" by Conder, E., jun."English Masonic Certificates" by Riley, J. Ramsden"Notes on Irish F'my I. The Hon. Miss St. Leger" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Notes on Irish F'my II. Three Lost Lodges" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Notes on Irish F'my III. Irish Masonic Medals" by "Some Masonic Symbols" by Rylands, W. H.Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Duke of Wharton and the Gormogons" by Gould, R. F."Freemasonry in Mexico, III" by Gould, R. F."Early Lodges and Warrants" by Lane, J."The Two Saints John Legend" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Death and the Freemason" by Barron, E. J."Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)" by de Malczovich, L.
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Vol 9 - 1896"Notes on Irish F'my. IV. The Old Lodge at Bandon, Ireland" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode "London Masons' Company and the L. of Accepted Masons" by Conder, E., jun."German Freemasonry, past and present" by Greiner, G. (and others)"Law of Dakhiel (Bedouin Customs)" by Klein, S. T."A Curious Historical Error--Alfred the Great" by Barlow, D. W."Bibliography of the Old Charges" by Hughan, W J."Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)" by de Malczovich, L."A Glimpse at Early Freemasonry in Germany" by Kupferschmidt, C.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 9 1896 R.pdf
Vol 10 - 1897"Free and Freemasonry" by Speth, G.W."The Shakespeare Lodge and its Furniture" by Rainey, J.J."Lodge La Parfaite Union at Mons" by Jottrand, G."A Masonic Contract" by Hugan, W. J. "Masonic Symbolism in the Rationale of Durandus" by Horsley, Rev. J. W. "The Great Symbol" by Klein, S. T."The Three Degrees and the M.M.’s Ceremony" by Hughan, W. J."J. H. Drummond" by Gould, R. F."Masonic Medals" by Shackles, G. L."The Kirkwall Scroll (Illustration and Notes)" by Craven, Rev. J. B. "Wisdom, Strength and Beauty (an astrological interpretation)" by Klein, S.T.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 10 1897 R.pdf
Vol 11 - 1898"Bodleian Masonic MSS." by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Hidden Mysteries (Sympathy, Light, Beauty, etc.)" by Klein, S.T."Two Degrees Theory" by Speth, G.W."Order of the Temple" by Yarker, J."Charles II at the Royal Exchange" by Conder, E., jun"Batty Langley on Geometry" by Lovegrove, Henry"Freemasonry in Greece" by Philon, N."Robert Samber" by Armitage, E."Notes on Sussex Masonry" by Rylands, W. H."The John T. Thorp MS." by Hughan, W. J.
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Vol 12 - 1899"List of Lodges for 1732" by Lane, John"English Lodge at Bordeaux" by Speth, G. W."Intimations of Immortality" by Horsley, J. W."West African Secret Tribal Societies" by Marriott, H. P. Fitz-Gerald"Leicestershire Masonry, Part I, 1103-1327" by Speth, G. W."Seventeenth Century Descriptions of King Solomon’s Temple" by Johnston, S. P."Jacob Jehudah Leon" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Establishment of Grand Lodge of Ireland" by Begemann, Dr. W."Vestigia Quatuor Coronatorum" by Clarke, C. Purdon
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 12 1899 R.pdf
Vol 13 - 1900"The York Grand Lodge" by Hughan, W. J."The Chevalier Burnes" by Gould, R. F."Prince Hall’s Letter Book" by Upton, W. H."Quatuor Coronati in Belgium" by d'Alviella, Count Goblet"Relics of the Grand Lodge at York" by Whytehead, T. B."Notes on Irish Freemasonry, V. The Sackville Medal" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Chivalric Freemasonry in the British Isles" by Cameron, Sir Charles A."Masonic Literature, 1722-1900" by Conder, E., jun.Summer OutingGloucester (Illustrations and Notes)
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 13 1900 R.pdf
Vol 14 - 1901"The Alnwick Lodge Minutes" by Rylands, W. H."The 47th Proposition as part of the P.M. Jewel" by Greene, T."Military Masonry" by Gould, R. F."The Miracle Play" by Conder, E., jun."The "Settegast" Grand Lodge of Germany" by Speth, G. W."Naymus Grecus" by Speth, G. W."Marcus Grecus Eversus" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Leicestershire Masonry, Part II, 1327-1509" by Conder, E., jun."Remarks on the "Sloane Family" of Old Charges" by Begemann, Dr. W"The "Testament of Solomon" (Legendary Temple-lore)" by Windle, Rev. W. E."Antony Sayer" by Calvert, A. F."Wheeler’s Lodge" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 14 1901 R.pdf
Vol 15 - 1902"Sir Peter Lewys--Cathedral Builder" by Berry, H. F."Theodore Sutton Parvin" by Gould, R. F."Solomon’s Seal and the Shield of David" by Horsley, J. W."Coins of the Grand Masters of the Order of Malta" by Shackles, G. L."Samuel Beltz, 1783-1862" by Ebblewhite, E. A."Notes on Irish F'my, VI. The Wesleys and Irish Freemasonry" by Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeSummer Outing - Norwich (Illustrations and Notes) "Charter Incorporating the Trades of Gateshead, 1671" by Rylands, W. H."The Reception (Initiation) of a Templar" by Castle, E. J. "(Early) Secret Societies" by Castle, E. J."The Old Swalwell Lodge and The Harodim" by Yarker, J."Craft Guilds of Norwich" by Tingley, J. C.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 15 1902 R.pdf
Vol 16 - 1903"The Legends of Masonry" by Rylands, W. H."Masonic Certificates of the Netherlands" by Crowe, F. J. W."The Degrees of Pure and Ancient Freemasonry" by Gould, R. F."A Curious Illuminated Magic Roll (The T. M. Woodhead MS.)" by Hughan, W. J."Notes on Irish F'my, VII. Early Irish Certificates" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"William of Wykeham" by Conder, E., jun."Three Great Masonic Lights" by Gould, R. F."Philo Musicae et Architecturae Societas Apollini" by Gould, R. F.A "Pompe Funebre" by Thorp, John T."Order of St. John of Jerusalem" by Rylands, W. H."F'my in Gounod’s Opera, Irene the Queen of Sheba" by Thorp, John T."Knights Templars" by Goldney, F. H."Chichester Certificates, Eighteenth Century" by Thorp, John T.Summer Outing - Lincoln (Illustrations and Notes) "The Chevalier D'Eon" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 16 1903 R.pdf
Vol 17 - 1904"Colours in Freemasonry" by Crowe, F. J. W."Minutes of an Extinct Lodge (The Royal Sussex L. No. 720)" by Breed, E. A. T."Budrum Castle" by Markham, Admiral Sir A. H."Rebuilding St. Paul’s Cathedral Church, London" by Horsley, Canon J. W.Summer Outing - Worcester (Illustrations and Notes) "Notes on Irish F'my, VIII. The G. L. of Ireland and the G. L. of Pennsylvania" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Records of Two Extinct Hull Lodges" by Shackles, G. L."Templaria et Hospitallaria" by de Malczovich, L."The Government of the Lodge" by Horsley, Canon J. W.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 17 1904 R.pdf
Vol 18 - 1905"The Rev. James Anderson and the Earls of Buchan" by Thorp, J. T."The "Marencourt" Cup and Ancient Square" by Berry, H. F."The Rev. Dr. Anderson’s Non-Masonic Writings" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"An Unrecorded Grand Lodge" by Sadler, H."Origin of Masonic Knight Templary in the United Kingdom" by Hughan, W."Jean Baptiste Marie Ragon (His Life and Writings)" by J. Songhurst, W. J."Mock Masonry in the Eighteenth Century" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Masonic Chivalry" by Littleton, J."On the Old Bengal Lodges" by Firminger, Rev. W. K."A New Version of the Old Charges (The Levander York MS., Transcript)" by Levander, F. W."The Naimus Grecus Legend" by Dring, E. H.Summer Outing - Chester (Illustrations and Notes) "Contemporary Comments on the Freemasonry of the Eighteenth Century" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 18 1905 R.pdf
Vol 19 - 1906"Old City Taverns and Masonry" by Simpson, J. P."The Carolus of Our Ancient MSS." by Yarker, J."The Sirr Family and Freemasonry" by Sirr, H."The Naimus Grecus Legend, II" by Dring, E. H."Templaria et Hospitallaria (Cont'd from Vol. XVII)" by de Malczovich, L "A Unique Engraved List of Lodges, "Antients", A.D. 1753" by Hughan, W. J. "King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba" by Crowe, F. J. W. "J. Morgan and his "Phoenix Britannicus" by Sirr, H."Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem" by de Malczovich, L."Studies in Eighteenth Century Continental (so-called) Masonry" by Firminger, Rev. W. K."The Equilateral Triangle in Gothic Architecture" by Bowes, ArthurSummer Outing - Shrewsbury and Ludlow (Illustrations and Notes) "Notes on the Grand Chaplains of England" by Horsley, Canon J. W. "Eighteenth Century Irish Masonic Certificates" by Clarke, Archdeacon"Gnosticism and Templary" by Castle, E. J.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 19 1906 R.pdf
Vol 20 - 1907"John Cole" by Songhurst, W. J."On Masonic History. Let us seek the truth" by Yarker, John"Some Old London Taverns and Masonry" by Simpson, J. P."Proceedings Against the Templars, 1307-11" by Castle, E. J."A Belgian Daughter of the Grand Lodge of Scotland" by d'Alviella, Count Goblet"Freemasonry Parodied in 1754 by Slade’s "Freemason Examin'd" by Thorp, J. T."Notes on the Metal Work of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, and Jean Tijou’s Designs" by Tijou, Chas. J. R."Templaria et Hospitallaria (Cont'd from Vols. XVII, XIX): by de Malczovich, L."Sir Walter Scott as a Freemason" by Mackay, Adam MuirSummer Outing - Bury St. Edmund’s and Ely (Illustrations and Notes) "The Great Lodge, Swaffham, Norfolk, 1764-1785" by le Strange, Hamon"The Bain MS. (Transcript)" by Hughan, W. J.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 20 1907 R.pdf
Vol 21 - 1908"Pillars in the Porch of Solomon’s Temple" by Horsley, Canon J. W."Minute Book of L. Perfect Unanimity, now 150, Madras" by Bradley, Herbert"Some Old Suburban Taverns and Masonry" by Simpson, J. P."Notes on Freemasonry in Cork City" by Westropp, Thomas Johnson "Two Editors of the B. of Constitutions (Entick and Noorthouck)" by Hawkins, E. L."The Soclety of Gregorians" by Rylands, W. H."A Masonic Pantomime and Some Other Plays" by Hextall, W. B."The Henery Heade MS., 1675 (Transcript)" by Hawkins, E. L."Freeman and Cowan, with Special Reference to the Records of Lodge Canongate Kilwinning" by Murray, A. A. A.T"he Taylor MS. (Transcript)" by Watson, W., Hughan, W. J .Summer Outing - Durham (Illustrations and Notes) "The Man of Taste. A Satire of 1733." by Hextall, W. B."Henry Yvele, the King’s Master Mason, 1320-1400" by Wonnacott, W."Two Ancient Legends Concerning Solomon’s Temple" by Yarker, John
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 21 1908 R.pdf
Vol 24 - 1911"Adoptive Masonry and the Order of the Mopses" by Hawkins, E. L."Two Corner Stones Laid in the Olden Time" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Minute Book of Aitchison’s Haven Lodge, 1598-1764 (Transcript)" by Wallace-James, R. E. "The Old Charges and Papal Bulls" by Gawley, Dr. Chetwode"The Good Samaritans or Ark Masons in Politics" by Brookhouse, J. C."Daniel O'Connell and Irish Freemasonry" by Crawley, Dr. Chetwode Summer Outing - Wells and Glastonbury (Illustrations and Notes) "The Landmarks" by Poignant, Axel J. A."The "Charta Transmissionis" of Larmenius (Text and Translation)" by Crowe, F. J. W."Gnostic Sects and Their Influence on Freemasonry" by de l' Hoste Ranking, Dr. D. F."Andrew Bell, of the Encyclopaedia Britannica" by Mackay, A.M "Ancient York Masons" in British America by Vroom, James"The Earliest Baldwyn K.T. Certificate" by Tuckett, J.E.S.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 24 1911 R.pdf
Vol 25 - 1912"The Jerusalem Sols and Other London Societies" by Levander, F. W. "The English Provincial Grand Lodge of the Austrian Netherlands" by d'Alviella, Count Goblet"The Charter of Larmenius" by Yarker, John"The Papal Bulls and Freemasonry in Belgium" by d'Alviella, Count Goblet "The Old Landmarks of the Craft" by Hextall, W. B"Some Masonic Personalities at the End of the Eighteenth Century" by Hills, Gordon P. G."Dr. Richard Rawlinson and the Masonic Entries in Elias Ashmole’s Diary" by Tuckett, J. E. S."Gavin Wilson" by Mackay, A. M."Transcendental Ego" by Klein, S. T.Summer Outing - Newcastle, Hexham and The Roman Wall (Illustrations and Notes) "English Printed Masonic Literature up to 1751" by Dring, E. H.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 25 1912 R.pdf
Vol 28 - 1915"Extracts from Old Minute Books in the Grand Lodge" by Hammond, Dr. William"Free-Mason" about A.D. 1700 by Hextall, W. B."The Collectanea of the Rev. Daniel Lysons, F.R.S., F.S.A." by Levander, F. W."Freemasonry and its Relation to the Essenes" by Wynn Westcott, W."Martin Clare and the Defence of Masonry (1730)" by Wonnacott, W."Some Usages and Legends of Crafts Kindred to Masonry" by Hills, Gordon P. G."The International Compact, 1814" by Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeSummer Outing - Wolverhampton (Illustrations and Notes) "Les Nicotiates, or the Order of the Priseurs" by Wallace-James, R. E."The Beswicke-Royds Masonic MS." by Baxter, Rodk. H.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 28 1915 R.pdf
Vol 29 - 1916"The Collectanea of the Rev. Daniel Lysons, F.R.S., F.S.A., Pt. II" by Levander, F. W."The Friendly Society of Free and Accepted Masons" by Wonnacott, W."The Evolution and Development of the Tracing or Lodge Board" by Dring, E. H."Frederick Prince of Wales as a Freemason" by Robbins, Alfred F."The Resemblance of Freemasonry to the Cult of Mithra" by Wynn Westcott, W."John Britton, F.S.A., and Rev. Richard Warner" by Hills, Gordon P. G."Orator" Henley, M.A., 1692-1756 by Hextall, W. B."Changes in the Books of Constitutions" by Levander, F. W.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 29 1916 R.pdf
Vol 32 - 1919"Origin of Additional Degrees" by Tuckett, J. E. S."Vestiges of the Craft in Spain" by Klein, S. T."Three Masonic Novels" by Lovegrove, H."Peculiarities of the Book of Constitutions" by Baxter, R. H."Lodge 20, "Antients" (Minutes, etc., 1753-1756)" by Songhurst, W. J."Trade Guilds at Ludlow" by Salwey, T. J."The True Function of Tradition in Masonic Research" by Tuckett, J. E. S.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 32 1919 R.pdf
Vol 33 - 1920"Material for Classifying the Old Charges" by Rosedale, H. G."A Templar Chapter at Edinburgh in 1745" by Tuckett, J. E. S."Women and Freemasonry" by Hills, Gordon P. G."L'Ordre de la Felicite" by Tuckett, J. E. S."Architecture of King Solomon’s Temple" by Baxter, R. H."Compagnonnage" by Vibert, L."Masonry in Belgium" by d'Alviella, Count GobletSummer Outing - Bristol and Malmesbury (Illustrations and Notes)
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 33 1920 R.pdf
Vol 34 - 1921"Sheffield Masonic Benefit Society" by Stokes, John"'Colne' MSS. (Transcripts)" by Beesley, E. B."Irish Minute Book, 1782-1797, L. No. 569, Lifford" by Hobbs, J. W."De Vignoles and his Lodge" by Wonnacott, W."A Madras Precursor of Q.C. Lodge" by Bradley, H."American Masonic Crisis: The Morgan Incident" by Tatsch, J. H."Influence of Contemporary History on the Old Charges" by Viben, L.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 34 1921 R.pdf
Vol 36 - 1923"Trade Companies of Kendal in 16th and 17th century" by Poole, H."Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723" by Vibert, L."Dr. James Anderson and Aberdeen" by Miller, A. L."Nomenclature of Lodges" by Williams, W. J."Engraved List for 1728" by Songhurst, W. J."Country Stewards' Lodge and the Green Apron" by Wonnacott, W."Old Charges and Chief Master Mason" by Tuckett, J. E. S."Early Royal Arch in Ireland" by Tait, W."Beehive and Freemasonry" by Bullamore, G. W."Historical MSS. Commission" by Daynes, G. W."The relationship of Grand Lodge to the extra-Craft Degrees" by Robbins, Sir A.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 36 1923 R.pdf
Vol 37 - 1924"Masonic Ritual and Secrets Before 1717" by Poole, H."Goose and Gridiron" by Williams, W. J."Craft in Eighteenth Century" by Heiron, A."Duke of Lorraine and English F'my in 1731" by Daynes, G. W."Freemasonry in Danish West Indies" by Rasmussen, J.Anthony Sayer, the First Grand Master" by Hobbs, J. W."Unknown Philosopher, Louis Claude de Saint Martin" by de Lafontaine, H. C."Fort William, Scotland " by Brook, G. B."Anglo-Irish Masonic Relationships" by Lepper, J. Heron
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 37 1924 R.pdf
Vol 38 - 1925"Russian Freemasonry in the Reign of Alexander I" by Telepneff, B."Antiquity of the Third Degree" by Bullamore, G. W."Roberts Constitutions, 1722" by Williams, W. J."Alexander Pope and Freemasonry" by Williams, W. J."Poor Common Soldier--Irish Ambulatory Warrants" by Lepper, J. Heron"Kirkwall Scroll" by Day, W. R."Lodge at Maid’s Head, Norwich" by Daynes, G. W.Summer Outing - Dorset (Illustrations and Notes) "Life of J. T. Desaguliers" by Stokes, J.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 38 1925 R.pdf
Vol 39 - 1926"Lodge No. 583, Henley-in-Arden, 1791-1811" by Carter, T. M."Rite of Seven Degrees in London" by Wonnacott, W."Masters' Lodges" by Heiron, A."Allegory of Koheleth" by Covey-Crump, W. W."Swedish Freemasonry in Russia" by Telepneff, B."Second Degree. A Theory" by Vibert, L.Summer Outing - York (Illustrations and Notes) "On Old Testament Sources of the Ritual" by Covey-Crump, W. W.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 39 1926 R.pdf
Vol 40 - 1927"Masonic Song and Verse of the Eighteenth Century" by Poole, H."Masonic Personalia in G.L. Minutes, 1723-1738, and D.N.B." by Williams, W. J."French MSS." by Sitwell, N. S. H."Cagliostro" by Ivanoff, B."Travelling Masons and Cathedral Builders" by Hobbs, J. W."Oddfellowship" by Rickard, F. M."Oxford Incorporation Charter of Freemasons, Carpenters, etc." by Vibert, L."Dutch Rose Croix Patent, c. 1795-1806" by Murray, E. E."Early Freemasonry at Bath, Bristol and Exeter" by Norman, Dr. G.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 40 1928 R.pdf
Vol 41 - 1928"Benjamin Franklin" by de Lafontaine, C."Provincial Warrants, Part I" by Carter, T. M."Moderns' Lodge in Antients' Hands (No. 1, Jersey)" by Knocker, G. S."Archbishop Becket and the Masons' Company, London" by Williams, W. J."William Preston (Prestonian Lecture, 1927)" by Hills, Gordon G. P."Rev. Samuel Hemming" by Johnstone, J.Summer Outing - Exeter (Illustrations and Notes) Masons' Charters of Exeter "Johann August Starck" by Telepneff, B."Vestigia Lathomorum (The Trail of the Operative)" by Poole, Rev. H.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 41 1929 R.pdf
42 - 1929"Provincial Warrants, Part II" by Carter, T. M."Gild of Masons at Lincoln" by Williams, W. J."Masonic Pilgrimage Through London" by Williams, W. J."Notes on Freemasons' Magazine" by Elkington, G."The Transition. Early Grand Lodge History" by Thiemeyer, E. E."Gild Resemblances in the Old Charges" by Knoop, D.Summer Outing - Leeds (Illustrations and Notes) "Freemasonry in Portugal" by de Lafontaine, C.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 42 1930 R.pdf
43 – 1930"Freemasonry in Lewes (Prior to the Union)" by W.I Grantham"The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences (Prestonian lecture 1930)" by C. de Lafontaine"The King’s Master Masons" by W.J. Williams"Summer Outing, Edinburgh""The Edinburgh Register House MS" by J.M. Allan"Scriptural Evidence Concerning Hiram" by W.W. Covey-Crump"The Early Freemasonry of England and Scotland" by L. Vibert"The Distribution in USA of Anderson’s Constitutions" by C.S. Plumb"The Historical Value of Lodge Records" (Inaugural Address) by Daynes
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 43 1932R.pdf
44 – 1931"The First Three Years of the Building of Vale Royal Abbey" by Knoop and Jones"Notes on the Local Numbering of the City of Dublin Lodges" by W. Jenkinson"The Island of St Eustatius and its Lodges" by T.G.G. Valette"Dutch Lodges Mentioned in Lane’s Masonic Records (1895)" by T.G.G Valette "Records of ‘Orhtes’ Lodge in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment of Foot" by S.J Fenton"Freemasonry in Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century" by D. Flather"Some Early Elu Manuscripts" by L. Vibert"A Few Leaves from the History of Polish Freemasonry" by B. Telepneff"Summer Outing, Rochester" by L. Vibert"Paul Jones" by C. de Lafontaine"Some Notes on Three Early Documents Relating to Masons" by Knoop and Jones"'The Mediæval Mason’ and the Parish Churches of England" by H. Poole"Chaucer and Henry Yevele" by L. VibertInaugural Address by Williams
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 44 1934R.pdf
45 – 1932"Castle Building at Beaumaris and Caernarvon in the Early 18th Century" by Knoop and Jones"Some Building Activities of John, Lord Cobham" by Knoop, Jones, Lewis"The Old Charges and their Transcripts" by F.R. Worts"The Lodge of Randle Holme at Chester" by S.L. Coulthurst"A Note on Browne’s Master Key" by E.H. Cartwright"Masons and the City of London" by W.J. Williams"The Freemasons’ Pocket Companion of the Eighteenth Century" by C.C. Adams"Summer Outing, Gloucestershire" by L. Vibert"The Lectures at the Old King’s Arms Lodge" by W.K. Firminger"The Evolution of Masonic Organization" by Knoop and Jones"The Future of QC Lodge (Inaugural Address)" by Flather
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 45 1935R.pdf
46 – 1933"The First fifty Years of the Downpatrick Lodge, No. 367" by R.E. Parkinson"Naymus Grecus: a New Identification" by D. Hamer"The Building of Eton College, 1442-1460" by Knoop and Jones"The Attempted Incorporation of the Moderns" by W.I. Grantham"Ahiman Rezon, the Book of Constitutions" by C.C. Adams"Summer Outing, East Kent" by L. Vibert"The Sketchley Masonic Tokens; Triangle Type" by H. Poole"Freemasonry in Savoy" by W.K. Firminger"Anderson’s Book of Constitutions of 1738" by L. Edwards"MS Lists of Lodges" (Inaugural Address) by W.K. Firminger
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 46 1937R.pdf
47 – 1934"London Bridge and its Builders" by Knoop and Jones"Freemasonry in France, 1725-1735, Part I" by W.E. Moss"Freemasonry in France, 1725-1735, Part II" by W.E. Moss"Our Early Brethren as Patentees" by F.W. Goldby"Summer Outing, Durham" by L. Vibert"The Early Years of Harmony Masonic Lodge No. 555 Fermoy, Co Cork" by J. Heron Lepper"The Work of QC Lodge" (Inaugural Address) by Songhurst
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 47 1938R.pdf
48 – 1935"The London Mason of the Seventeenth Century" by Knoop and Jones"The Members of the Lodge at the Bear and Harrow" by W.K. Firminger"The Use of the Word ‘Freemason’ before 1717, Part I" by W.J. Williams"The Foundation Stone" by D. Flather"The Use of the Word ‘Freemason’ before 1717, Part II" by W.J. Williams"Grand Procession at the Opening of the Sheffield General Infirmary" by Flather "The Connection between Operative & Speculative Masonry" (Inaugural) by D. Knoop
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 48 1939R.pdf
Vol 50 1937"Graham MS." by Poole, H."Romances of Robison and Barruel" by Firminger, Rev. W. K."James Sketchley" by Fenton, S. J."Eighteenth Century Masonic Handbooks" by Adams, C. C."Sixteenth Century Mason" by Knoop and Jones"Lodges in Guernsey" by Knocker, G. S."Freemasonry in Chester" by Smallwood, R. R. G."Royal Freemasons" by Vibert, L."William Schaw, Master of Works to King James VI, etc" by Saunders, J. W..
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 50 1937 R.pdf
Vol 51 1938"Antiquity of the Craft" by Poole, H."The Carbonari, Part I" by Radice, F. R."Antediluvian Pillars in Prose and Verse" by Williams, W. J."Freemasonry in Oldham, 1789-1838" by Pick, F. L."The Mason Word (Prestonian Lecture for 1938)" by Knoop, D."Antiquity of the Craft" by Meekren, R. J."Essex MS. (Partial Facsimile)" by Poole, H."A Note on the Graham MS." by Moss, W. E."Old Lodge at Chester" by Knoop and Jones"A Note on the Relation Apologique, 1738" by Moss, W. E."Lost Lodges and Lost Records" by Fenton, S. J.
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 51 1940 R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 55 pt 1 1944R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 56 pt 1 1945R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 57 Pt 2 1947R.pdf
58 – 1945"The Earl of Middlesex and the English Lodge in Florence" by J. Heron Lepper"Two Hundred Years of Freemasonry in Bury" by N. Rogers"Wessel Linden and the Holywell MS" by A.E. Evans"An Outline of the Use of Marks by Medieval Men" by W. Waples"Three Early Grand Masters" by L. Edwards"Leeds Newspapers" (Inaugural) by Johnson
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 58 1947R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 58 Pt 1 1947R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 58 Pt 2 1947R.pdf
59 – 1946"University Masonic Lodges" by D. Knoop"Masonic Antiquities: Importance, Value & Collecting Systematically" by W. Heaton"The First Fifty Years of the Royal Cumberland Lodge, No 41, Bath" by P.R. James"Preston (Lancs) – the Gild and the Craft" by F.L. Pick"Notes on Freemasonry in Ceylon" by J.R. Dashwood"Rasmus Rask: A Famous Danish Mason" by T.M. Jaeger"A Short Note on Polish Freemasonry" by B. Telepneff"Inaugural Address" by Radice
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 59 1948R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 59 Pt 1 1948R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 59 Pt 2 1948R.pdf
60 – 1947"The Military Services and Freemasonry" by S.J. Fenton"The Masonic Catechism" by H. Poole"The Royal Gallovidian Chapter, Kirkudbright" by F.L. Pick"French Carbonnerie in the Nineteenth Century' by F.R. Radice"An Introduction to the Harodim" by W. Waples"Union Lodge of Colombo" by J.R. Dashwood"Nature Display’d, 1794" by R.A.N. Petrie"Itinerarium Septemtrionale, 1726" by G.C. Shadwell"Freemasonry in Iceland" by Loftsson and Pope"Swiss Freemasonry’s Fight for Freedom" by Muller-Ruegg"Masonic Jewels" (Inaugural Address) by W. Heaton
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 60 1949R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 60 pt 1 1949R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 60 pt 2 1950R.pdf
61 – 1948"The Lodge, an Essay in Method" by R.J. Meekren"Military Lodges in East Kent in the Eighteenth Century" by S. Pope"The Substance of Pre-Grand Lodge Freemasonry" by H. Poole"The Grand Lodge in Wigan" by N. Rogers"Freemasonry in Spain under Fernando VII, Parts I & II" by J. Heron Lepper"An Old Irish Apron in Kent" by S. Pope"Independent Lodges" by W.I. Grantham"The Phoenix Lodge at Paris" by J.R. Dashwood"The Assembly on the Hill" by B.W. Oliver"Solomon and the Temple?" by Brett"No. 27 Great Queen Street" by H. Poole
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 61 1950R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 61 pt 1 1950R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 61 pt 2 1950R.pdf
62 – 1949"The Lodge of Sincerity, No. 1 (Wigan Grand Lodge)" by N. Rogers"The Lodge at Swalwell" by W. Waples"Eighteenth Century Lodge Inventories" by C.M. Rose "The District Grand Lodge of Montreal & St Peters Lodge, No 4, Quebec" A.J.B. Milborne"Freemasonry in Spain under Fernando VII, Parts III & IV" by J. Heron Lepper"Freemasonry in Taunton - St George’s Lodge No. 314, 1764" by H.H. Hallett "Notes on the First Minute Book of Excellent Grand and Royal Chapter" by J.R. Dashwood"The Ceremony of Passing the Veils" by Hawkyard and F.R. Worts"The Grand Encampment of Ireland and its Scottish Charters" by G.S. Draffen
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 62 1951R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 62 pt 1 1951R.pdf
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 62 pt 2 1951R.pdf
65 - 1952"Provincial Masonry in Wiltshire" (Inaugural Address) by C.D. Rotch"The Lodge in the 78th Regiment (Fraser’s Highlanders)" by A.J.B. Milborne"The Lodge of Elias Ashmole" by N.Rogers"Early History of Wakefield Lodge, Part II" by W.H. Rylands"Masonic Songs and Song Books of the Late 18th Century" by A. Sharp"A Century of Freemasonry in Argentina" by A.S. Hall Johnson"An early reference to the Mason Word" by G.S. Draffen"Roving Charters in California U.S.A," by D. Maeth"Sphinx Lodge No 107 I.C. Ceylon" by J.R. Dashwood
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 65 1953R.pdf
66 – 1953"Apathy as Regards Masonic Research" (Inaugural Address) by W.H. Rylands"The Origin of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorks (W Riding)" by W.H. Rylands"The Conjoint Theory" by H. Carr"Short History of the Pilgrim Lodge" by F. Bernhart"King Solomon" by G. Brett"Trial of John Coustos by the Inquisition""The Legend of Quatuor Coronati" by G.W. Speth
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 66 1954R.pdf
Vol 67 - 1954"Inaugural Address" by Pope"Masters’ Lodges and their Place in Pre-Union History" by Jones"The Mason and the Burgh" by H. Carr"The Bible – its Place and Use in Lodges" by Daynes"The Early Minute Book of the Lodge of Dunblane" by Hatten"The All Saints Lodges at Wooler" by Booth
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 67 1955R.pdf
68 – 1955"The Masonic Union" by N. Rogers"The Principal Officers of the Lodge" (Inaugural) by N. Rogers"The Provincial Grand Lodge of Quebec, 1759-1792" by A.J.B. Milborne"The Crisp English Word Freemason" by E. Ward"The Rite of Seven Degrees in London" by G.S. Draffen"The Wakefield Chapter of Gregorians" by W.H. Rylands"Dunblane Lodge" by R.J. Meekren"Posiion of the Pillars" by N. Rogers"Scottish Rectified Rite" by H.R. Hilfiker"Development of Freemasonry in England and Wales" by S. Pope"Geometry; a Tapestry in the G.L. Museum" by G. Brett
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 68 1956R.pdf
"The First Thirty Years of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge (Inaugural)" by Dashwood"Mozart’s Masonic Music" by Sharp"The Story of the Fourth Temple" by Edwards"Apprenticeship in England and Scotland up to 1700" by H. Carr"Grand Lodge" by Meekren"Kronauer’s Liber Amicorum " by Bernhart
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 69 1957R.pdf
"My Heart Was Set to Know and to Search Out and to Seek (Inaugural)" by Oliver"Operative Entered Apprenticeship" by E. Ward"Passing the Chair" by Jones"Early Records of the Antients’ Grand Lodge" by Dashwood"The Provincial Grand Lodge of Montreal and William Henry" by Milborne"Masonic Ceramics" by Winterburgh
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 70 1958R.pdf
"The Library of the Grand Lodge of Scotland (Inaugural)" by G.S. Draffen"Birth of the Provincial Grand Lodge for Devon" by Oliver"The Baldwyn Rite" by E. Ward"The Two Oldest Warranted Chapters" by Rogers"The Lodge in the 17th Regiment of Foot" by G.S. Draffen"Development of Installation at Bristol" by E. Ward
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 71 1959R.pdf
72 – 1959"Some Foreign Masonic Documents" (Inaugural) by H. Carr"The State of Masonry in Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1725-1814 (Part I)" by W. Waples"The Age of the Master’s Part" by R.J. Meekren"The 2nd and 3rd Minute Books of Grand Chapter" by J.R. Dashwood"Scandinavian Freemasonry" by B. Jacobs"The Installation Ceremony" by N.B. Spencer"Three Fourteenth Century Paintings of the Quatuor Coronati""The Ordinary of the Incorporated Company of Masons, Newcastle upon Tyne" by L.E.L. Jones"Early Records of the Washington R.A. Chapter, Middletown, Connecticut" by J.R. Dashwood'The Dovre R.A, Ritual" by N. Hackney
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum Vol 72 1960R.pdf