Books - Masonic management & MUSIC

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Book_of_Constitutions_-_Craft_Rules 2018.pdf
Book of Constitutions - Index Jan 2017.pdf
Book of Constitutions - Craft Plates Jan 2017.pdf
DGLEA Guidelines for Lodge Treasurer 2018.pdf
DGLEA Guidelines for Lodge Secretaries 2017.pdf
Informtion for guidance of members of the craft 2018.pdf
UGLE Book of Constitutions 2016.pdf


Craft Music from the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings.pdf
Masonic Songs Old and New by WS Barlow.pdf
The New Music Manual by William H Janes.pdf
Lodge Ailsa - Masonic Music.pdf
Music for Masonic Ceremonies - Grand Lodge of Scotland.pdf
Mozart's Masonic Music collection by John Bones.pdf
Bro Mozart an Excellent Companion by FH Smyth.pdf
Brother Mozart of Vienna by Frederick Smyth.pdf
The Masonic Harp Collection of Odes, Hyms,Songs etc by George W Chase.pdf
Manual of Masonic Music UGL of NSW.pdf
Masonic Choir - a collection of Hyms and Tunes by O.B. Brown.pdf
The Masonic Organist - Craft by MG Grillage.pdf
The Ceremonial Music of King Solomon's Temple by Chales W Kerry.pdf
Mozart a Short Biography by Donald Mitchell.pdf
So Mote It Be - A Masonic Sing for All Brethren by Harry F Baxter.pdf