This section comprises some information on the Singapore and other Masonic Libraries and research lodges


Lodge Quatuor Coronati No 2076 E.C. is the premier research lodge in the United Kingdom and their web site contains a substantial amount of masonic research material.

The Lodge St Michael No 2933 E.C. is the earliest research lodge in Singapore. Lodge St Michael currently does not have a web site and the materials are published on this site.

Fidelity Lodge No 8469 E.C. is the research lodge based in Kuala Lumpur

Lodge Mount Faber No 1825 S.C. is the Singapore research lodge under the Scottish Constitution

Australian and New Zealand Research Council:

Linford Lodge of Research Canberra Australia

Lodge of the Living Stones NO 4957 E.C. Yorkshire in the United Kingdom


The District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago, constituted in 1858, covers the English lodges in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Singapore

The Thai Freemason is an independent site providing details of Lodges in Thailand


The Ashlar contains the electronic versions of the DGLEA publications 'Ashlar' and 'Tracing Board'

UGLE Library in London

Freemasonry Today - UGLE magazine

DGLEA Masonic Education Initiative is a web site set up for training in the Eastern Archipelago but has not been updated for a number of years it can be found at

MOF Electronic Library in Sydney, Australia contains many masonic papers

The Ashlar Company in USA is a business engaged in selling masonic regalia but maintains a library of articles on freemasonry that are downloadable at

Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry,a site established in 1996, is a popular and famous Freemasons' online publication

Scottish Rite Journal

Masonic a US site with masonic information

The Masonic Trowel

The Skirret