Prestonian Papers

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The papers were downloaded from another site. Please be advised that the references in the papers and pictures are not included. The book "The Collected Prestonian Papers 1925 -1960" by Harry Carr should be used to obtain the complete papers.

The Collected Prestonian Lectures 1925 to 1960.pdf
The Collected Prestonian Lectures 1961 to 1974.pdf
PL 1925 Development of the Trigradal System by Lionel Vibert.pdf
PL 1926 The Evolution of the Second Degree by Lionel Vibert .pdf
PL 1927 Brother William Preston An Illustration of the Man, His Methods and Work by Gordon P.G. Hills.pdf
PL 1928 Masonic Teachers of the Eighteenth Century by John Stokes.pdf
PL 1929 The Antiquity of Our Masonic Legends especially in relation to the Third Degree by Roderick H. Baxter.pdf
PL 1930 The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences by H. Cart de Lafontaine.pdf
PL 1931 Medieval Master Masons and Their Secrets by Rev W.W. Covey-Crump.pdf
PL 1933 The Old Charges in Eighteenth Century Masonry with the text of Fortitude MS by Rev H. Poole.pdf
PL 1934 The Art, Craft, Science or Mistery of Masonry by F. Fighiera.pdf
PL 1935 Freemasonry and Conteplative Art by W.J. Bunney.pdf
PL 1936 Freemasonry, Ritual and Ceremonial by Lewis Edwards.pdf
PL 1937 The Inwardness of Masonic Symbolism in the Three Degrees by Rev Joseph Johnson.pdf
PL 1938 The Mason Word by Douglas Knoop.pdf
PL 1939 Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols by G.E.W. Bridge.pdf
PL 1947 The Grand Lodge South of the River Trent by G. Y. Johnson.pdf
PL 1948 The Deluge by Fred L Pick.pdf
PL 1949 The Oldest Lodge by Colonel C. C. Adams.pdf
PL 1950 Lodges of Instruction by Ivor Grantham.pdf
PL 1952 Free in Freemason by Bernard E Jones.pdf
PL 1953 What is Freemasonry by G S Shephered-Jones.pdf
PL 1954 The Freemasons's Eductaion by Bruce W Oliver.pdf
PL 1955 The Fellowship of Knowledge by J R Rylands.pdf
PL 1956 The Making of a Mason by George Draffen of Newington.pdf
PL 1957 The Transition from Operative to Speculative Masonry by Harry Carr.pdf
PL 1958 The Years of Development by Norman Rogers.pdf
PL 1959 The Medieval Organisation of Freemasons' Lodges by Rev Canon J S Purvis.pdf
PL 1960 The Growth of Freemasonry in England ^0 Wales since 1717 by Sydney Pope.pdf