Fidelity Lodge No 8469 E.C.


No. 8469 E.C.

Mustapa Osman Lodge was consecrated in Kuala Lumpur on 10th February 1973 but went into darkness in 1978. When it resumed labour in 1985 it had to change its name to Fidelity Lodge. The Lodge was named in honour of our first Malaysian DGM, Mustapa Bin Osman. It was formed as an Installed Masters Lodge of research, at a very significant period in the history of the District. In its five years of history it played an important role in the local Masonic scene. However, it became the victim of political scrutiny that plagued the Craft in the second half of the Seventies.


St. Michael Lodge No. 2933 in Singapore was consecrated as a Lodge of Research in 1902. It maintained a unique position as the only Lodge of Research in the whole of South-East Asia for some 70 years. The birth of a second Lodge of Research, the Mustapa Osman Lodge No. 8469, was thus long overdue. To say that this Lodge was consecrated over a need for more local research in Masonry is not telling the whole story. It was a much more significant event in a particular period of our history.

The period following Merdeka could be called The Glorious Period in the history of our District. Masonry existed in this part of the world for 2 centuries, but it remained an exclusive Colonial Institution. It was during this Glorious Period that attitudes changed and Asians were readily initiated into the Lodges. This pioneer group of Asians proved to be a great credit to the Craft, for they took to it "like duck to water". Their numbers quickly swelled the membership of many of the Lodges. The ebullience and hunger for the Craft by these brethren "baru", especially in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the new Malaya, was truly amazing. This led not only to the formation of two new English Lodges but also to a new Scottish Lodge and an Irish Lodge in Kuala Lumpur. And it was as if, their appetites were not satisfied and they needed a research Lodge to cap it all.

It was also during this period that locals were first appointed as District Grand Masters of both the Districts. The crowning event of the period was the appointment of the first Malaysian DGM, R W Bro Mustapa bin Osman in 1967. The founding of Mustapa Osman Lodge as the first research Lodge in Malaysia was like an "icing on the cake" of this glorious period. As it came to be, it became final event of this period.

The period came to a melancholic close, when the Craft in Malaysia came under close political scrutiny in the mid-seventies. It then went through a very trying time and the Government even produced a White Paper to ensure it was not subversive to our Malaysian society. Though the Craft was eventually vindicated, the ebullient and enthusiastic mood of the era was replaced by a period of quiet introspection and caution. It took another 21 years before a Masonic body could again be formed in Kuala Lumpur..


The reasons for the name of the Lodge are quite self-evident. E.L.S. Jennings in his Oration said that the founder members, "seek to honour by perpetuating his (RWDGM's) name in the annals of the Craft in this region". The Charter and Founding Master, Goh Teik Wah added, it was "an idea kindled by love and respect for the RWDGM."

The reasons for a research Lodge in Kuala Lumpur are also quite self-evident. They were twofold, (1) the growing number of inspired Masons in Kuala Lumpur; (2) to the DGM's virtuosity as an erudite Mason.

The Founding Master in his address made the following Mission Statement for the Lodge and I believe he said this with the fervent hope that it would withstand all the rigours of growing up: -

"This is the first Lodge of Installed Masters in this District and the brethren are all well skilled in our noble art, and lovers of the Craft. The work will be different for no degree; as such will be worked - as far as is possible. Rather, its main purpose will be research in the Masonic field, to try and explain the meaning and true significance of our rituals, and to spread the message, which they convey by lectures and publications."


The Charter Master, Goh Teik Wah in his Installation Address admitted that it was an erudite Mason from Penang who had conceived the the idea.

"Tonight, we see the realisation of an idea kindled by love and respect for our R W the District Grand Master and imparted to me first by Bro Teoh Cheng Ean whilst on our way to the Negeri Sembilan Lodge Golden Jubilee Installation last year."

Bro Teoh Cheng Ean was a Scottish Mason from Penang, who has a great passion for Masonry and is well read on all aspects of the Craft. He was also a student of the Greek classics and has an innate way with words. Thus, it was not surprising that he came under the spell of the similarly erudite Bro Mustapa bin Osman, who was a revered Past Master of Lodge Scotia No 1096 S.C. - the oldest Scottish Lodge in the District, and to which both these men belonged.

For the seed to grow it needed a fertile soil. These two Northern Masons (one from Penang and the other from Ipoh) sold the idea to a group of diehard Masons of the day in Kuala Lumpur. This group included Joe Eu (Charter Secretary), C T Sun (Asst. Charter Secretary), K K San (Charter Treasurer), D G Frost, D A M Bloom, K A Menon, Douglas K K Lee and others. Like dried "lalang" waiting for a little spark to start a bush fire, this group was more than ready to set themselves aflame. They formed the Organising of the Charter Committee and no doubt the DGM was their advisor at every stage of their deliberations.


Seventy three Installed Masters in this District, in a Petition to the United Grand Lodge of England prayed for a Warrant to enable them to form themselves into a Lodge. The Petition was sponsored by both Kinta Lodge No. 3212 and Napier Lodge No. 3418.

The Warrant as issued on 13th September 1972. The original Warrant has been returned to Grand Lodge when Mustapa Osman Lodge went into darkness. When it resumed labour it had changed its name to Fidelity Lodge and thus now works only under a Warrant of Confirmation dated 11th December 1985.


The Consecration of the new Lodge was held on Saturday, 10th February 1973 at the Read Temple, Damansara Road, Kuala Lumpur. Those present at the Consecration included thirty eight founder members and fifty four visitors. Amongst these were twenty four Master Masons and twelve Masters of Lodges. The Master Masons included some of the current "grand old men", such as Tan Tock Yong, Keshmahinder Singh, Chan Chee Hong, Ng Chee Yew, Yap Foong Cheong and Henry Lee.

The very large contingent of Masons from the Northern Malaysia reflected the special affection of the Lodges there for the DGM. There was one distinguished visitor from overseas, W Bro A Daniel P G Org of the Grand Lodge of India.

The Consecrating Officer appointed by the Grand Master was R W Bro Mustapa Osman - the DGM, himself and after whom the Lodge was being name. It was truly a unique occasion.

The Consecrating Officer (C.O.) appointed the following to assist him: -

Senior Warden - R W Bro C B Wilson [Grand Inspector, Inspectorate for SEA (I.C.)]

Junior Warden - Bro T A Keegan [Subs. DGM Middle East (S.C.)]

Chaplain - W Bro E L S Jennings [PDGW, Pres. Board of General Purposes]

Director of Ceremonies - W Bro D J Herring [PDOW, Pres Board of Benevolence]

Organist - Bro Solomon Khoo Swee Chuan [MM]

Inner Guard - W Bro F Jones [PDGW]

Tyler - Bro H S Field [PDGW (Middle East)]

The Lodge was called to order at 5.30 pm and after the founding members who were not members of the English Constitution had affirmed their allegiance to the United Grand Lodge of England, the ceremony proceeded in impeccable M Osman style.


The proceedings of Consecration were completed when the petitioning Brethren were assembled in North and the South and the Lodge formally constituted by the Consecrating Officer.

Then, the same team of Officers installed W Bro Goh Teik Wah as theFounder Master of the Lodge. The Lodge was then called off for 15 minutes at 7.45 pm.

The Masters of the two local Scottish Lodges and the Irish Lodge presented the Working Tools - a tradition that was continued for the 6 installations of the Lodge.

The Worshipful Master then invested W Bro Y C Kang as Immediate Past Master who presented the Warrant or Charter to the Worshipful Master. The Constitution and Laws and By-Laws of the District were then presented by W Bro J M Parker, the District Grand Secretary. W Bro Kang gave the Address to the Master.

The Wardens designates H M Soo and C E Teoh were appointed and invested as Senior Warden and Junior Warden respectively. W Bro Loo Soo Chuan gave the address to the Wardens.

DAM Bloom, the founding Master of Edward Holiday Lodge was appointed as Chaplain. The hard working charger Secretary, JWY Eu was appointed as the founder Secretary. K K San was elected as Treasurer.

The remaining founding officers were: -

Senior Deacon - W Bro Lo Chong Leng

Junior Deacon - W Bro Wong Kong Weng

Almoner- W Bro D G Frost

Assistant Secretary- W Bro C T Sun

Assistant Director of Ceremonies - W Bro N K Ghose

Inner Guard - W Bro J M Bruce

Stewards W Bro Tham Kok Cheong

W Bro Teoh Cheng Hock

W Bro Syed Hashim Bin Syed Abdullah

Bro H S Field was elected as Tyler and Douglas K K Lee was appointed as Director of Ceremonies but was not invested as he was absent.


The Lodge elected the following as Honorary Members of the Lodge: -

1. R W Bro Dr Mustapa bin Osman, DGM.

2. R W Bro C B Wilson, Grand Inspector of the Inspectorate for SEA

3. Bro T A Keegan, Subs. DGM Middle East (S.C.)

4. W Bro E L S Jennings, PDGW, Pres. Board of General Purposes

5. W Bro D J Herring, PDGW, Pres Board of Benevolence

6. W Bro F Jones, PDGW.


Fidelity Lodge meets four times a year on the 2nd Saturday of February (Installation), 1st Monday of April, July and October at Read Masonic Centre, No. 1, Jalan 3/155, Bukit OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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