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"Masonic Advancement and the Higher Degrees" from the American Tyler [page 23][p12 Annual returns 1907/08. p17 Justification for the Pentagram. pI8 Notice of death of W.Bro.W.H.M.Read-P.D.G.M. p22 District G.L's Jubilee 20/5/09.]
Pg Vol 1 No 1 1909.pdf
1. "The Early Days of Freemasonry in the Eastern Archipelago" by WJ Napier [page 4]2. "The Stone-Squarers" by Rev JP Parry [page 13] [P21 Lodge of Sorrow for R.W. Bro.W.H.M. Read-P.D.G.M. 19/06/09. p22 Note of a new Lodge for Lower Perak. p23 info on Eastern Gate, St.George & Dalhousie Chapter.]
Pg Vol 1 No 2 1909.pdf
1. "Notes on Some Early Meetings of District Grand Lodge" by W Craig [page 4]2. On Minutes in General by Ignotus page 20
Pg Vol 1 No 3 1909.pdf
1. "Review of the Arene Schools; a review of their origin and antiquity; with a General History of Freemasonry and its relation to the Theosophic, Scientific and Philosophic Mysteries" by John Yarker [page 12]2. "The Duties of a Proposer and Seconder", a paper adopted by the United Board of Inquiry of the Lodges of the Christchurch, N.Z. District [page 17] 3. "A Hymn of Work" by PJ Sproule [page 31][p8/10 Foundation/1st. Minutes of Perak Jubilee 2255. Officers for Zetland, Royal P.O.W. & Perak, also notes of general interest.]
Pg Vol 1 No 4 1910.pdf
"What Freemasonry Stands for" by Rev JP Parry [page 18][p6/13 Installation of F.M. Elliot as D.G.M. on 25/2/10. p22 Consecration etc.of Napier Lodge No. 3418 on 4/3/10. p25/ 30 Notes of general interest.]
Pg Vol 1 No 5 1910.pdf
p20 Appointment of F.M. Elliot as D.G.Super. p30 Instal. St. George 1910
Pg Vol 2 No 1 1910.pdf
Pg Vol 2 No 2 1910.pdf
p13 Klang 1st. Anni. p14 Alterations to F.M.H. S'pore. Read Installation 1910
Pg Vol 2 No 3 1910.pdf
p17 Opening Kinta Chapter. p19 /23 Instal. meets for Z'land, Royal P.O.W., Perak & Read for 1910.
Pg Vol 2 No 4 1911.pdf
p20 Stone Laying Lodge Kinta 1/4/11 & Installation. p24 1st. Anni. Batu Bertanda 30/311. p25 Installation of Selangor Chapter 28/1/11.
Pg Vol 2 No 5 1911.pdf
"The Royal Masonic Institution for Boys" by Z3 [page 10][p7 St. George Inst. 1911. p16 E. Gate Installation 1911.]
Pg Vol 3 No 1 1911.pdf
1. "The Oration delivered at the Consecration of Negri Sembilan Lodge" by Walter Makepeace [page 13]2. "Review of book Cagliostro. The Splendour and Misery of a Master of Magic" by WRA Trowbridge [page 16]3. "Poem - The Mason and the Stone" [page 19][p12/13 Constitution of Negri Semb.Lodge 6/1/12. p14 Note on W. Bro. Edaljee Khory.]
Pg Vol 3 No 2 1912.pdf
1. "The Call of the Craft" (St Michael 29 Jan 1912) by Walter Makepeace [page 6]2. "Review of book The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry - an analysis of the inter-relation between the Craft and the High Grades in respect of their term of research expressed by symbolism" by Arthur Edward Waite [page 15] [p4 Napier Instal. 1912. p13 Selangor Chap Insta1.1912]
Pg Vol 3 No 3 1912.pdf
[p19/22 D.G.L. & Chapter members 1911/12. p23 Kinta Installation 1912.]
Pg Vol 3 No 4 1912.pdf
Review of book "The Masonic Problem. The Purpose and Meaning of Freemasonry by Rev JG Gibson [page 10] [p.8 Instal. E.Gate 1912. p.15 Annual returns 1910/11. ]
Pg Vol 3 No 5 1912.pdf
1. The Nature and Principles of the Institution at consecration of Lodge Elliot by Rev AJ Amery [page 8]2. "Chair and Dais" by a Tasmanian PM [page 12][p10 Consecration Lodge Elliot 7/12/12. p11 Instal. Negri, p15 Perak, p19 Read, Kiang, p24 Notes from the North. ]
Pg Vol 4 No 1 1913.pdf
"Lights in Freemasonry" by a Tasmanian PM [page 27][p24/26 Instal. Batu Bertanda, St George,Kinta, Selangor R.A.C., Napier.]
Pg Vol 4 No 2 1913.pdf
Makepeace Lodge Consecration oration by Rev AJ Amery [page 17][p10/11 List of Dist. Chapter Members. p16 Annual returns for 1911/1912. p20 Consecration of Makepeace Lodge 6/9/1913. p25 Instal. Elliot. Read. St. John B 'kok, Victoria Jubilee Chapter ]
Pg Vol 5 No 1 1914.pdf
[Should be Nol. p14/16 List of Dist Lodge Offs. Annual Returns 1912/13. p22 Zetland presents T.O. Mayhew with Sec. Jewel. Install'n. Victoria Jubilee Chapter.]
Pg Vol 6 No 2 1914.pdf
"Freemasonry and the War" (St Michael 22 Jan 2015) by AW Still [page 42]p37/39 D.G.L. Members. Annual returns D.G.L. & C. 13/14. p49/51 notes on War Dead and the Indian Mutiny
Pg Vol 7 No 1 1915.pdf
"The Early History of Lodge Zetland in the East" by W Craig [page 10][p4/8 Notes inc. 1st Lodge in Peking, War Dead, Instals. of Read, Klang,Vic Jubilee, St. Michael, ]

Pg Vol 7 No 2 1915.pdf
[p16/18 Notes, Instal. Elliot, R.P.O.W., Zetland, Negri, Selangor.]
Pg Vol 8 No 1 1916.pdf
"Some Discursive Thoughts on Freemasonry" (St Michael 29 January 1916) by DC Van Leeuwen-Boonkamp [page 13][p4/5 Notes. Instal. Kinta, Makepeace, B. Bertanda. p10/12 farewell to R.Young D.D.G.M ]
Pg Vol 8 No 2 1916.pdf
1. "Notes on the Emulation Working" (St Michael 29 April 1916) by W Craig {page 26]2. Notes 'Freemasons in armed forces given cards asking for kind treatment if captured by other Freemasons' [page 33][p32 Revival Gottlieb Lodge of M.M.M. Instal. St. George, Malaya No.1146 Klang. p33/34 Notes]
Pg Vol 8 No 3 1916.pdf
1. A Ruler in the Craft - The Late Wor Bro Arthur Knight [page 13]2. "The Lodge of St George missing years 'Lodge in abeyance 1876-7, 1877-8 and 1878-9'" by Walter Makepeace [page 15][Arthur Knight Init. of St George 1880. p15/16, 40 yrs ago.]
Pg Vol 8 No 4 1917.pdf
Obituaries - RV Cuthbert, HCH Lane and Samuel Dunlop [page 31][p 28 Instal. St. George. p29 Instal. of D.D.G.M. W.F.Nutt. p32 Death of S. Dunlop P. D.G.M.]
Pg Vol 8 No 5 1917.pdf
1. "Is Freemasonry a Religion?" (St Michael 28 July 1917) by AW Still [page 12]2. Obituary - Charles Egerton Donaldson and Samuel Dunlop (revision)[Install'ns. Read, Kinta, Makepeace, Zetland.]
Pg Vol 9 No 1 1918.pdf
1. "Masonic Democracy: A Model for the Nations" (St Michael 29 Jan 1918) by FG Bourne [page 30]2. Consecration of Lodge Kedah No 3830 EC[p35 Consec. Lodge Kedah. p37 1st Mention of Lodge Johore Baru ]
Pg Vol 9 No 2 1918.pdf
[District Lodge & Chapter Minutes.]
Pg Vol 9 No 3 1919.pdf
1. Frederick Mitchell Elliot [page 26]2. Consecration of Lodge Johore Royal No 3946 [page 35]3, Dedication to Lodge Elliot's Masonic Temple [page 35][p26/33 last meeting of F.M. Elliot as D.G.M. p35 Consc. Johore Baru, Dedication of Elliot Temple.]
Pg Vol 9 No 4 1919.pdf
[Annual returns 1917. ]
Pg Vol 9 No 5 1920.pdf
1. "Some Notes on the Third Degree" (St Michael 29 Jan 1919) by FW Bourne [page 27]2. "Masonic History and Symbolism Part 1" (St Michael 29 April 1920) by AJ Shelley-Thompson [page 43]3. "Masonic History and Symbolism Part 2" (St Michael 29 January 1921) by AJ Shelley-Thompson [page 62]4. "Lodge Johore Royal - The Raising to the H&S Degree of a Master Mason His Highness The Sultan of Johore" on 5 June 1920 [page 70][Photos of all D.G.M.'s. p3/26 Instal. of W.F. Nutt as D.G.M. and Super. 28/5/20. p76 Raising the Sultan of Johore 5/6/20.]
Pg Vol 10 1921.pdf

p10 and p19. Farewell to Oliver Marks D.D.G.M..
Pg Vol 11 1921.pdf
p25 History of F.M. in Selangor/K.L. p31 Early Zetland, union withFidelity, Dedication of F.M.H. Sing. p34 Johore.
Pg Vol 12 September 1922.pdf
p19 Early Masonic records. p25 farewell address to W.F. Nutt D.G.M.p33 Consecration of Napier Lodge. 1923 30/10. District Year Book . Info for year's events all Lodges, etc.
Pg Vol 13 September 1923.pdf
1. "The Cult of Beauty" (St Michael 29 April 1924) by AJ Shelley-Thompson [page 20]2. Obituary - FH Gottlieb [page 28][p28/29 Extract from St. George Mins. 1893 ref. F.H. Gottlieb. ]
Pg Vol 14 1924.pdf
1. "Masonic Origins" (St Michael 29 January 1925) by A.W. Still [page 15]2. "Freemasonry in the Eastern Archipelago" (Dorset Masters Lodge at Sturminster Newton) by F.M. Elliot [page 25][p5/15 Instal of P. J. Sproule as D.G.M. & Super. by W.F.Nutt on 8/11/24. p25/35 Freemasonry in the E.Archipelago.]
Pg Vol 15 1925.pdf
Consecration of the Negri Sembilan Royal Arch Chapter No 3552 29 May 1926 [page 24][p12 /19 District No.1925 ]
Pg Vol 16 1926.pdf
1. Formation of Negri Sembilan Chapter No 3552 EC [page 14]2. Consecration of Batu Bertanda Royal Ark Mariners Lodge No 609 [page 20][p14 Formation of Negri Chapter & Batu Bertanda R.A.M.]
Pg Vol 17 1927.pdf
1. Notes from Java. The minutes on the raising of Sir Stamford Raffles on 5 July 1913 and picture of temple at Pondok Gedeh [page16]2. "Tolstoy, War & Peace. Masonic references" (St Michael 30 Jan 1928) by A.J. Newby [page 24]3. Masonic Benevolent Institutions - answers to questions [page 35][Photos & History of H. Carpmael & F. Apps. p17/20 Minutes and translation of Lodge Vriendschap Java ref. T S. Raffles Initiation, etc. p21 Instal. Read Lodge. Info.on Cadman DDGM.]
Pg Vol 18 1928.pdf
1. Thomas Oswald Mayhew [page 5]2. Freemasonry in the Eastern Archipelago showing details of consecration of Lodges up to 1929 [page 15]3. "Notes on Masonic Origins" (St Michael 1928) by R.A. Dix [page 41]4. Points of Procedure adopted by Grand Lodge 1916-1928 [page 62]5. Formation of the District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Malaya [page 70][p2,5/6 photo & brief Masonic history of T. Mayhew. p7 Death of J.G. Allan. p15/41 & 70/75 F. M. in the East.Archipelago. ]
Pg Vol 19 1929.pdf
1. Obituaries - J.W. Campbell, A.A. Rite, Rahman Ali Khan, Henry Hewitson, Wothington Brown [page 4]2. "Sir Stamford Raffles" by A de Geus Past Dty Grand Master of the Grand Orient of the Netherlands [page 38]3. Consecration of the Masonic Temple, Penang on 15 November 1929 [page 39]4. Laying Foundation Stone of Johore Royal Lodge 14 December 1929 [page 53]5. "Facts of Freemasonry in Malacca" by J.R. Burnand [page 63]6. Consecration of Mayhew Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 436 on 24 May 1928 [page 74]7. "Women & Freemasonry" (St Michael) by G.H. Davis [page 76]8. "An Exhortation for Renewed Energy" (St Michael) by A.J. Newby [page 87][p2/4 photo & brief history of J.W. Campbell P.D.D.G.M. p21 Annual returns 1927/28 Lodges. p24/27 Members of Dist. G.L. & C. p34A.Ret. D.G.C. P38. Further note on T.S. Raffles Initiation. p39/51 Consecration of Penang Temple. p53/62 Foundation Stone of Johore Royal. p63/68 F.M. in Malacca. p70/71. Notes incl. Dispensation of 1860. p74 Consecration of Mayhew R.A.M.]
Pg Vol 20 1930.pdf
1. Consecration of Lodge Malaya No 5213 in London 9 October 1930 [page 41]2. An Account of the Ceremony of Consecration and Dedication of the Masonic Temple, Johore Bahru on 24 May 1930 [page 52]3. Formation of Eastern Gate Royal Arch Chapter no 2970 EC on 20 February 1931 [page 63]4. "Story of the Holy Royal Arch" by Dudley Wright [page 79]5. Consecration of Rose Croix Chapter No 285 on 18 February 1931 [page 90]6. District Grand Lodge of the Middle East S.C. and forward by G.H. Watts Subst Dist Grand Master [page 101]7. Sundry items - Oldest Lodge/ Lodges of Masonic Research/ Sir Stamford Raffles and Chapter/ John Macdonald Bencoolen page [116]8. Points of Procedure and Special Directions adopted by Grand Lodge 1916-1930 [page 125]9. "Origins of and Reasons for the Union" (St Michael) by R.A. Dix [page 130]10. "King Solomon's Temple" (St Michael 29 Jan 1930) by H.B. Amstutz [page 142]11. "Is Freemasonry a success - in the East?" (Napier Lodge 26 July 1930) by F.H. Dale [page 153]12. "Masonic Preparation" (United Empire Lodge 28 Feb 1930) by W. Sloley [page 157][81st Birthday of G.M. Duke of Connaught. p12 T.O. Mayhew as D.D.G.M. District records 1929. p41/49 Consecration Lodge Malaya. p52/61 Cons. & Ded. of Temple Johore Baru. p63/79 Form. of E. Gate Chapter. Mark info. Departures incl.W. Dunman P.M. St. Michael/ St. George. Scots info. Instal E.V.C. Thomson as D.G.M.M.E. p117 Lodges of Research. p118 Sir S. Raffles and Rose Croix. p120 John MacDonald P.G.M. 1993 B'coolen. p128 Papers read in St. Michael 1930. p130 Origins of the Union. p142 King Solomon's Temple. p153 Is F'masonry a Success in the East? p157 The Masonic Preperation.]
Pg Vol 21 1931.pdf
1. "The Temple of Zerubbabel" by Lionel Vibert [page 47]2. Obituaries - A.W.Still/ Charles Darby [page 51]3. Ceremony of Laying of the Foundation Stone of the New Masonic Temple at Ipoh on 10 October 1931 [page 61]4. Consecration of Johor Utara Lodge No 5224 EC on 6 February 1932 [page 77]5. Freemasons at Church - service at Wesley Methodist Church 13 September 1931 [page 89]6. Sundry - Bro Sir Stamford Raffles/ Origin of Grand Lodge of England [page 107]7. District Grand Lodge of the Middle East (various papers) [page 124]8. "The Ideal of Fraternity in Freemasonry" (St Michael) by Rev Bishop Edwin F. Lee [page 150]9. "Lodge of Instruction" (Makepeace June 1930) by Bruce Nelson page [153]10. "Vestiges of Early Days" (Lodge Malaya, London) by Lionel Vibert [page 170][District records 1930. p47 The Temple of Z. p51 death of P.D.D.G.M. A.W. Still 4./12/31. W. Bros. Darby, Garnett King-Harman. p61 Foundation stone laying Ipoh. 10/10/31. p73 George Washington. p77 Cons. Johore Utara 6/2/32. p89 F'masons at Church. p97/106 Lodge & Chapter info. p107/109 Sir S. Raffles. p116/118 Info on New Temple Gt. Queen St. Info on Mark & Scots. Info on Secret Moniter, K.T. & Kt's of Malta. p143/147. p150/152 Ideals of Fraternity in F'masonry. p153/170 Dissemination of Knowledge to Younger Masons. p170 / 179 Vestiges of Early Days.]
Pg Vol 22 1932.pdf
1. Ceremony of Consecration and Dedication of the Masonic Temple, Ipoh 14 May 1932 [page 76]2. Obituary Thomas Oswald Mayhew [page 118]3. "Extracts from Old Minute Books (Penang and Singapore)" (St Michael) by R.A. Dix [page 153] 4. "Can a Roman Catholic become a Freemason?" (Lodge Napier) by H.C.R. Rendle [page 168]5. A short Note on Freemasonry in London in By-Gone Years [Page 172][p2/6 photo & farewell speach from P. J.Sproule D.G.M. 24/33. p12/17 D.G. L. Officers at 4/33. p25 Annual Ret. 30/31 p31 Valete P.J.Sproule. p 32/34 D.G.C. Offs. p38 Chap Ann. Ret. p39/41 History of Rob. Young P.D.D.G.M. p50/73.Instal. of G.A. Trimmer as D.G.M. & Super. p'76/ 86 Consecration of the M.T. at Ipoh. p87/106 Lodge Offs. for 1932 to p115 years happenings. p118/120 photo and Eulogy for T.O. Mayhew. p 31/149 D.G.L. of the M.E. p150/167 extracts from old Lodge Minute Books.Lodges in the E.A. from 1755 lapsed or ceased. p 61. Refusal to conduct Masonic Service.]
Pg Vol 23 1933.pdf
1. Medieval Freemasonry [page 36]2. Masonic Jewels [page 93]3. "Mark Degree" by Lionel Vibert [page 127]4. "A Guest of Grand Lodge at the Dedication and Opening of the Peace Memorial" (St Michael) by G.W.A. Trimmer [page 146]5. "Further Extracts from Old Minute Books" by R.A. Dix [page 163]6. "Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries" (Lodge Royal Prince of Wales, Penang) by C.D. Quarmby [page 174]7. "By-Paths of Freemasonry" (St Michael) by L St G Petter [page 179] [District Info. 1933 and Officers List 1934 Nos. of Lodges, Chapters Mark etc. p36/39 Medieval Masonry. Masonic Records of W.Bro.W.R. Smedley, F.G. Boume. Info & Photos of R.M.I.G./ B. R.M.B.I., Hospital. p60/69 Especial Grand Lodge held to Corn. opening of Gt.Queen St.opened 19 July 1933, also p86/90. p91/92 Letter from W.H.Reid to F.H. Gottlieb ref Instil. of the P.O.W. as G.M. in 1875. p93 Masonic Jewels. p96 Lodge reports. p109 Scots info.p117 the First English Mason.p127Mark Info. p138 Installation of G.W.A. Trimmer as D.G.M.M.M.M. p146 Guest of Grand Lodge by G.W.A. Trimmer D.G.M. p163 Extracts from old Minute books Neptune 344, 1808/09. p174 F'masonry & the Ancient Mysteries. p179 By-Paths of F'masonry.]
Pg Vol 24 1934.pdf
1. Horsburgh Lighthouse 24 May 1850 Raffles Lighthouse 24 May 1854 [page 35]2. Lodge Napier No 3418 Telok Anson [page 143]3. "Outline of International Freemasonry" (Lodge Negri Sembilan October 1934) by J.S. Laird [page 167]4. "The Antiquity of Freemasonry" (7 July 1934) by F.H. Hilton [page184][District info.1933. p35/48 Masonic heirlooms, trowels owned by Zetland for Horsburgh & Raffles lighthouses Foundation Stones. p57/60 Death Notices & Memorium on var. members E. Gill. p 99/111 Info. on Mark 113/155 Scots info. p62 Dep. W. Bro. Lobb & Salter. p63/96 info. on Lodges. p.156/165 Lodge W.M.'s.p 167/182 Outline of International Masonry. p184/189 The Antiquity of F' masonry. p190/91 Meeting Places of Lodges in S.E.A.]
Pg Vol 25 1935.pdf
1. "Some Points in Ritual and Lodge Customs" (Selangor Lodge 24 January 1935) by J.W. Lewis [page 143]2. "2nd Degree or Fellow Craft" (Lodge Napier April 1935) by F.L. Skilton [page 154]3. "Freemasonry and Medicine or the Craft and the Leech" (St Michael 18 April 1935) by Dr J.S. Webster page [159]4. "A few Notes on the Two Great Pillars" by F.L. Skilton [page 165]5. "A Short History of the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago" (St Michael 29 Jan 1936) by R.A. Dix [page 168]6. "Kipling and Freemasonry" (Lodge Perak April 1936) by W.H. Pearse [page 178][Info. on District 1935 & Members 1936. Lodge Info. p95 Mark. p103 Scots. p143 Points in Ritual & Lodge Customs. p154 2° or Fellow Craft. p159 F'masonry & Medicine. p165 The two Great Pillars. p168 Short History of the D.G.L. of the E.A. p178 Kipling & F'masonry. p189 death of S. Dunlop D.G.M.1885/91 inc. photo.]
Pg Vol 26 1936.pdf
1. "Short History of Lodge Zetland in the East No 508" [page 81]2. Memories of the Celebrations at the Installation of H.R.H. the Duke of York as Grand Master Mason of Scotland by J.J. Van der Laan [page 168]3. "Allegory and Symbols" (Read Lodge 19 Feb 1937) by B.S. Mee [page 175]4. "Masonry and the Hereafter" (St Michael ) by H.A.R. Cheeseman [page 187]5. "The Qualifications of Candidates" (Read Lodge November 1936) by W.J. Paulussy [page 191] [p2 photo fo F.M. Hall Spore 1937. Cost of P'gram 35 $690. p14/19 list of D.G.L. Officers for 37. p55/56 List of D.G.C. Offs. p60 Chapt. Ann. rets. p64/80 Lodge Off. for 1936. p81/87 History of Zetland. p87/100 Lodge notes for the year. p107/08 List of Mark D. offs. 1937. Cost of P'gram 36, $738.98. p112 Ann ret. for Mark 34/35. p115/121 Mark Lodge notes. p121/174 D.G.L. of the Mid. East.]
Pg Vol 27 1937.pdf
1. "Mark Master Masons" [page 107]2. Special Masonic Service: Singapore Presbyterian Church - 18 April 1937 [page 152]3. "Procedure in Lodge Business and Masonic Debate' (Royal Prince of Wales 5 Jan 1938) [page 155]4. "Arts and Sciences at the Time of King Solomon" (Perak Jubilee July 1936) by H.E. Clayton [page 165]5. "Egyptian Eschatology, the Pyramid of Gizeh and the Origin of Freemasonry (St Michael 28 Jan 1938) by O.O. Bill [page 170]6. "The Mormon Ritual and its Relation to Freemasonry" (St Michael) by H.C. Flaxon [page 178][Grand Lodge info. p8. H.M. K.G. VI Past G.M. pll Dist Offs. & reports for 37/38. p47 ditto Chapter. p57 Lodge Offs & repts. p91 Mark District info & Lodge reports. p113 District of M. E. Reports & Lodge reports. p135 G.L. of Scot. report. p152 Masonic Service. p155 Procedure in Lodge business. p164 Arts & Sciences at the time of King Solomon. p170 Egyptian Eschatology. p177 Lodge of Research. p178 The Mormon Ritual & its relation to F'masonry.]
Pg Vol 28 1938.pdf
1. "In Memoriam Very Wor Bro J.W. Hunt [page 149]2. "Bro Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles" (St Michael 30 Jan 1939) by R.F. Palmer [page 205]3. "Whence Come You?" by H.C. Faxon [page 217][Photo of Dist. Offs. 1939. p18 photo of W. H.W.Gubbins D.G.M. Dist. info.1938 & Officers 39, also Chapter. p84/119 Lodge info. p121/151 Mark info.153/303. Scots info. p205. Sir T.S. Raffles. p217 Whence come you.]
Pg Vol 29 1939.pdf
1. Read Lodge No 2337 Golden Jubilee 1889 to 1939 [page 112]2. Laying of the Dedication Stone, Consecration and Dedication of New Masonic Temple Lodge Utara on 24 Feb 1940 [page 119]3. "Neptune Lodge No 344" by E.A. Staines [page 168]4. "Freemasonry in a Changing World" (St Michael ) by H.R. Cheeseman [page 175]5. "Military Travelling Lodges" (Johore Utara) by J.M. McDonald [page 179][Photo of Johore Utara Segamat. p8/19 Installation of Duke of Kent as G.M. 19/7/39. District info 1939 and Officers 1940. Lodge info. p 81/ 111. p112 Read Golden Jubilee. p119 Dedication Stone Lodge Utara, p133/146 Mark info. p147/167 Scots info. p168 Info on Neptune No. 344. p175 F'masonry in a Changing World. p179 Military Travelling Lodges.]
Pg Vol 30 1940.pdf
[photo W.F.Nutt D.G.M.1919/24. p3 eulogy to W.F.Nutt. District info 1940 & Officers 1941. p51/76 Lodge info. p78 Coat of Arms for G. Mark Lodge to p87 Mark info. Not Published - due to World War II.]
Pg Vol 31 1941.pdf
1. Some Account of Meetings of Lodges Held by Freemasons Interned in Changi Prison [page 5]2. Masonry in P.O.W. Camps [page 38][The Pentagram of Changi Prison, Sime Road and update on all Lodges.]
Pg Vol 32 1947.pdf
1. Re-Consecration and Re-Dedication of the Read Masonic Temple on 29 May 1948 [page 64]2. "Freemasonry on the North West Frontier of India By I.G.M. Petrie [page 91]3. "Interviewed by the Kemptetai" by Penang Past Master [page 92]4. Consecration of Scottish Masonic Temple , Venning Road Kuala Lumpur [Page 122][Progress being made in rebuilding in face of terrorist activities. List of District members 1948. Visit of Dep. G. Master 8/12/47. Lodge update. p83 Lodge strengths at 12/46&12/47. p84 Donations made to U.K.Charities 1928/47. Chapter details. Paper by Bro. I.G.M. Petrie, E.G.L. "F'masonry on the North West Frontier."]
Pg Vol 33 1948.pdf
1. "Views of the Craft as Seen by a Legal Practitioner, Singapore" (St Michael 2 March 1949) by F.G. Vaux [page 4]2. "Some Further Fragments of Irish Masonry" (St Michael) by W.E. Hutchinson [page 12] 3. "My Impressions of Freemasonry" (St Michael 29 April 1947) by A.E. Witte [page 22]4. "The Ritual of the First Degree" (St Michael 29 July 1947) by R.M. Young [page 26]5. "The Comacines" (St Michael 29 Jan 1948) by H.C. Faxon [page 34]6. "Legend or History - Which?" (St Michael 29 April 1948) by C.L. Edwards [page 40]7. "Short History of Freemasonry in Russia (St Michael 29 Sept 1948) by B.K.L Englemann [page 44][Info. on Temples requisitioned by Military.Masontic Career of D.D.G.M. Sir R. Hone. F.G.Vaux's paper, "Views of the Craft as seen by a legal practitioner". p4 Some further fragments of Irish Masonry, W.E.Hutchinson. A.E.Witte, "My impressions of Freem'ry". R.M. Young, Ritual in the first degree. H.C.Faxon, "The Comacines. C.L. Edwards, Ledgend or History - Which?" K.M.Engelmann, "Short History of Freem'sonry in Russia". District and Lodge Officers 1949. ]
Pg Vol 34 1949.pdf
1. River Valley Road P.O.W. Masonic Club [page 2]2. "Lodge Royal Prince of Wales, No 155 EC 'The First Five Years'" (St Michael 5 Feb 1950) by E.A. Stains [page 3]3. "Aims and Relationships of the Craft" (St Michael 30 Jan 1950) by G. Edmonds [page 11]4. "Freemasonry in Bencoolen, Sumatra, 1793-1800 [page 16][Masonic career of D.D.G.M. V.R.Vick. p2 River Valley P.O.W. Masonic Club. p3 R.P.O.W.Lodge1555 the First 5 years. F'masonry in Bencoolen 1793/1800. District & Lodge Off. 1950. Scots details.]
Pg Vol 35 1950.pdf
1. Consecration of Lodge Kinabalu No 7047 on 26 January 1951 [page 1]2. Consecration of Lodge Baldwyn Lowick No 7004 on 17 March 1951 [page 5]3. "King Solomon's Temple" (St Michael 27 July 1950) by H.B. Amstutz [page 21]4. "Master James of Saint George" (St Michael 27 April 1951) by A.W. Frisby [page 30]5. Consecration of Lodge Sarawak No 1452 SC on 25 January 1951[Cheap condensed edition. pl Consecration of Lodge Kinabalu 7047. p5 Baldwin Lowick 7004. District Members 51. p21 paper: King Solomon's Temple H.B.Amstutz. Master James of St. George, A.W.Frisby, p47 Dalhousie Chapter Centenary. Mark and Scots info.]
Pg Vol 36 1951.pdf
1. "A Mason in Levant" (St Michael 29 Jul 1951) by C.W. Masters [page 11]2. "Heraldry and Freemasonry" (St Michael 29 Jan 1952) by C.H. Withers-Payne [page 17]3. Masonic Library of Singapore - Catalogue of Books - March 1952 [page 108][Larger edition with details of District, Lodges nos. etc. Chapter, Mark, Scots. Masonic History E.G. Holiday, & B.J.P.Joaquim. Papers p11, A Mason in the Levant C. Walton Masters. p17 Heraldry and Freemasonry by C.H. Withers Payne.]
Pg Vol 37 1952.pdf
1. Inauguration Convocation of District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Middle East 14 Feb 1953 [page 98]2. Consecration of Klang Chapter No 3369 EC on 13 December 1952 [page 122]3. Dedication and Constitution of Chapter St Andrew No 748 SC on 17 January 1953 [page 124]4."Lodge of the Masons Company of London (St Michael 29 Jul 1952) by C.H. Withers-Payne [page 126]5. "George Wsahington as a Mason" from Christian Science Monitor [page 132]6. Lodge of Friendship, Sourabaya, Java [page 135][Full info on District & Lodges 1952, Chapter Mark K.T. Rose Croix & Scots. p117 Sermon delivered by Bro Cannon R.K.S. Adams. Masonic careers of F.P. Egerton, J.H.M. Summers, V.N. Wade. p122 Consecration of Kiang ChaptenChapter St. Andrew. p126 paper by C.H. Withers Payne: The Lodge of the Masons Company of London. p131 recovery of Trowel. p132 George Washington as a Mason. p136 Photo of Lodge of Friendship Sourabaya, Java.]
Pg Vol 38 1953.pdf
1. A Masonic Sermon by Most Revd A.W. Averill in Auckland on 4 December 1927 [page 9]2. "The Qur'an and Freemasonry" by P.R. Bridge [page 13]3. "Freemasonry in Singapore Prisoner of War Camp" by H.W. Wylie [page 15]4. "Masonry as a Prisoner of War" by H.S. Ling [page 19]5. "Lodge of Friendship, Sourabaya, Java by the editor [page 27]6. "Early British Freemasonry" (St Michael 29 Jan 1954) by V.T.C. Morris [page 32]7. "Freemasonry in Ireland" (St Michael 29 Apl 1954) by W.E. Hutchinson [page 43][Masonic sermon M.Rev. A.W. Averill Primate of N.Z. p19 H.S. Ling Masonry as a Prisoner of War. p27 R.S.Sagar, Further info Lodge Friendship Surabaya. p32 V.T.C. Morris Early British F'masonry. p43 W.E. Hutchinson, Freemasonry in Ireland.]
Pg Vol 39 1954.pdf
1. Rt W Bro Baldwyn Lowick - Tribute to a Great Freemason [page 10]2. "King Solomon" (Quatuor Coronati) by Gerard Brett [page 13]3. "Speculative Freemasonry Organised" (St Michael 31 Jan 1955) by V.T.C. Morris [page 25]4. "Freemasonry and the Spanish American Empire" (St Michael) by A.W. Frisby [page 37]5. "What is Freemasonry? (a speculative study)" (Sydney, Australia) by H.V. Watch [page 45]6. "Chapter Singapore No 7178 EC" by H.A. Forrer [page 56]7. "Some Notes on the Use of the Four V.S.Ls in Lodge and Chapter Singapore" by L.K. Averill [page 59]8. "Installation Meeting of Lodge Kinta 3212 EC held during internment in Changi Gaol Singapore" by A.M. Pilter [page 61]9. "Perak Mark Lodge No 663 EC" by A.M. Pilter [page 63]10 Constitution and Dedication of Lodge St Patrick No 765 of A. F. A. Masons Ireland [page 65][p10 Tribute to B. Lowick D.G.M. Died 17/6/55. p13 G.Brett, King Solomon. V.T.C.Morris, Speculative Masonry Organised. A.W. Frisby, F'masonry & the Spanish American Empire. p45 H.V. Watch, What is F'masonry. p56 Chapter Singapore. p59 Notes on the 4 V.S.L.'s in Lodge Sing. p61 Kinta L.3212 Installation in Changi. p65 Consc. & Dedication of Lodge St. Patrick 765. I.C.]
Pg Vol 40 1955.pdf
1. "Freemasonry in the Early Years in Malaya" (Lodge Malaya 20 Sept 1950) by H.R. Cheeseman [page 11]2. Consecration of Stamford Raffles Lodge No 7444 EC [page 25] 3. "The Search for Light" (Stamford Raffles on 2 May 1956) by W.G. Scott [page 28]4. "Masonic Associations with Singapore Lighthouses" [page 30]5. "Thomas Dunckerely" (St Michael 29 July 1954) by A.W. Frisby [page 34]6. "The Royal Order of Scotland" by J.H.M. Summers [page 50][p8 Mas. History E.G. Holiday D.G.M. pll H.R. Cheesman, F'masortry in the Early Years in Malaya. p21.Mas. Hist . H.C. Faxon. p25 Consecrtn. Stamford Raffles No. 7444 E.C. p30 Masonic association with Singapore lighthouses. p34 A.W.Frisby, Thos. Dunkerley. p50 R.O.S.]
Pg Vol 41 1956.pdf
1. "The Centenary of The District Grand Lodge of The Eastern Archipelago" by A.W. Frisby [page 6]2. "R Wor Bro William Henry Mcleod Read - first District Grand Master of the Eastern Archipelago" (Read Lodge) by W.E. Lancaster [page 8]3. "Lodge Scotia No 1003 SC - Fifty Years of Scottish Freemasonry in Malaya" by J.H.M. Summers [page 13]4. "Thomas Dunckerly - additional details" (Lodge St Michael) by A.W. Frisby [page 17]5. "Charter of Compact Erecting the First Grand Chapter" by Bernard Jones [page 23]6. "Letters to a Freemason" by A.W. Frisby [page 27]7. "Freemasonry in the Army in the 18th Century" (St Michael 30 April 1956) by J. Cameron [page 37] [p8 Short history of W.H. Read 1st D.G.M. p13 Hist. L. Scotia 1003. p17 A.W.Frisby Additional Notes on T. Dunkerley. p23 Jones, Charter or Compact Erecting the 1st G. Chapter. p34 Hist. W.G. Scott D.D.G.M. p37, J. Cameron, F'masonry in the Army i/t 18th C.]
Pg Vol 42 1957.pdf
English Freemasonry in Malaya and Borneo 1765-1958
1. The Search [page 11]2. The Beginnings [page 14]3. W Bro Sir Stamford Raffles [page 31]4. The Second and Third Lodge Neptune [page 36]5. Singapore [page 46]6. District Grand Lodge [page 52]7. The Printed Minutes [page 61]8. The Pentagram [page 71]9. War and Recovery [page 83]10.The Post War Years [page 93]11. The Senior Craftsmen [page 98][Centenary edition. History of the District. The Beginnings, Sir T.S.Raffles, Lodge Neptune,The Pentagram,War & Recovery, The Post War Years, The Senior Craftsmen, Appendix, a to d.]
Pg Vol 43 1958.pdf
1. "The Recovery of an Original Lodge Bible" by W.R. Dennis [page 14]2. "Oration Given at the Opening of St Patrick Royal Arch Chapter by Bishop H.B. Amstutz [page 18]3. "An Oration Given on the Occasion of the Consecration of Centenary Lodge, Singapore by Bishop H.B. Amstutz [page 22]4. "Early Years of Freemasonry in Australia" (St Michael 29 Jan 1957) by R.J. Grove-White [page 24]5. Forms of Bequest[Reflections on the centenary, E.G.Holiday. Recovery of St. George's V.S.L. Masonic Career Bro.P.G. Clark. Oration St. Pats Chapter H.B. Amstutz. Oration Centenary Lodge Amstutz. p24 R.J.Grove White,The Early Years of F'masonry in Australia.]
Pg Vol 44 1959.pdf
1. "Freemasonry in Kuala Lumpur - Laying the Foundation Stone of Read Temple" by Ong Thye Ghee [page 5]2. "An Oration Given on the Occasion of the Consecration of Sentosa Lodge, Kuala Lumpur" by Mustapha bin Osman [page10]3. "The Early History of the Mark Degree and the Formation of Grand Lodge of M.M.M." (Edaljee Khory Aug 1963) by F.A. Mussett [page 12]4. "Some Notes on Irish Free Masonry" (St Michael April 1963) by C.H.R. Mortimer [page 17]5. "In Retrospect" (St Michael 29 July 1957) by D.C.D. Sanderson [page 25]6. "Grand Lodge of Scotland, Scottish Freemasonry and Robert Burns" (St Michael July 1960) by D.C. Bindon [page 35]7. "Chapter Singapore No 7178 EC - A Short Commentary on the Volumes of the Sacred Law" by D.J. Herring [page 43][Masonic Career M.T. Stanley. Visit G.M.M.Scotland. p5 Foundation Stone Read Temple1893. p9 info. on Sir C Warren. p10 Oration Sentosa Lodge Consecration. p12 Early Mark & Formation of Mark Grand. F.A. Mussett. p17 Some notes on Irish F'masonry by C.H.R. Mortimer. p25 In Retrospect D.C.D. Sanderson. p35 G.L. Scotland, Scots F'masonry & Rob. Burns. D.C. Bindon. p43 Lodge Singapore's 6 V.S.L.'s. D.J. Herring.]
Pg Vol 45 1964.pdf
1. "Freemasonry in Singapore Before 1905" a record compiled by F.A. Ricard [page 5]2. "The Consecration of Edward Holiday Lodge No 7997 EC" by E.L.S. Jennings [page16]3. "The Formation of Beaufort Lodge No 7989 EC" by J.D. Walker [page 28]4. "The Ceremonies and Proceedings of an Eighteenth Century Lodge of Freemasons" (St Michael 29 April 1964) by F.A. Mussett [page 33]5."The History of Read Lodge No 2337 EC" by F.A. Mussett [page 37][Rickard, F'masonry in Singapore before 1905. p5 E. Jennings Consecration of E. Holiday Lodge. p16 Visit of G.M.M. of Scotland.Formation of Beaufort. p28 F. Mussett, Ceremonies of 18th C. Freemasons. p33 & p35 The History of Read Lodge F.A.M.]
Pg Vol 46 1965.pdf
1. Booklet launched on "The First 75 Years Eastern Gate Lodge No 2970 EC" by E.F. Mullan [page 9]2. District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of South East Asia - updates [page 10]3. Read Temple - short history [page 15]4. Royal Prince of Wales - short history [page 18]5. Summary of Masonry in Singapore and the Masonic Hall, Coleman Street [page 23]6. Consecration of Mustapha Osman Lodge on 10 February 1973 [page25]7. Dedication of Berakas Lodge No 8560 EC, Brunei [page 26][Eulogy on E.G.Holiday by E.Jennings. 1st 75 yrs Eastern Gate, E.F. Mullan. D.G.L. of M.M.M. & EXhory Lodge. p15 Re-dedication & Consecration of Read Temple. p18 R.P.O.W. Lodge the 1st 100 yrs. Consecration of Mustapa Osman Lodge (Fidelity). Irish & Scots Info.]
Pg Vol 47 1979.pdf
1. Various short updates on Lodges and newspaper cuttings2. "Twenty-Five Thousand Miles - the story of a visit to seventeen Lodges and Chapters in Singapore, Malaya, Hong Kong, Colombo and Bombay, Jan to June 1948 by H.W. Langdon[Info. on St. Pats. Horsborough L. of I.& Ailsa. p19 25,000 miles, H.W. Langdon. Tour of the Far East.]
Pg Vol 48 1980.pdf
1. "Heraldry and Freemasonry" (St Michael 29 April 1983) by E.F. Mullan [page 7]2. "Some Notes on Masonic Music" (St Michael 29 June 1971) by E.L.S. Jennings [page 21]3. To Our Ladies4. "Squaring the Lodge" (Mustapha Osman Lodge) by Robert H.C. Hoh [page 32]5. "Freemasonry in the Eastern Archipelago (the Pentagram 1924) [page 52]6. "Some Interesting Points on the Language of Signs" (St Michael 29 Jan 1975) by E.H. Walker [page 55]7. "The Ancient Guilds of London" (Lodge Horsburgh) by John Storey [page 65]8. "Whither Goest Thou?' by D.J. Herring [page 70]9. "A Journey to Lodge Beaufort" by J.S.I Glendenning [page 74][Heraldry & F'masonry, E.F. Mullan. p21. Some notes on Masonic Music E.L.S.Jennings. p32 Squaring the Lodge, H.C. Hoh. p55 Points on the Language of Signs, E.H.Walker. p65 The Ancient City Guilds, J. Storey.]
Pg Vol 49 1983.pdf
1. "A short History of Freemasons' Hall, Singapore" (St Michael 29 Sept 1975) by E.L.S. Jennings [page 1]2. "Building Freemasons' Hall, 23A Coleman St" by D.J. Herring [page 5]3. "Freemasonry at Sea" by John Storey [page 20]4. "The First Fifty Years of Johor Royal Lodge" by F.A. Mussett [page 27]5. "Alchemy and Freemasonry" (St Michael 29 Jan 19640 by H. McMullen [page 48]6. "The Landmarks of the Order" by R.K.C. Hoh [page 58]7. The Basic Principles for Grand Lodge Recognition [page 68]8 "Laying the Foundation Stone Horsburgh Lighthouse from the Library at Coleman Street, Singapore" [page 70][(Should be L.) F'masons Hall S' pore, E. Jennings. p20 F'masonry at Sea, J.Storey. p27 1st 50 yrs. of Johore Royal, F.A. Mussett. p48 Alchemy & F'masonry, H.McMullen. p58 Landmarks of the Order, R.K.C. Hoh.]
Pg Vol 50 1984.pdf
Profile of 22 Senior Masons. p28 Lecture demo, Hepburn. Oration Emerald in the East I.C. Lim Boon Par. Consecration E.A. Secret Moniter. p59 Oration Centenary Perak Chapter. p67 Basic Principles of Masonic Symbolism, C.G. Reigner. Absence from Lodge? Tan Seng Jin. p102 F'masonry in Borneo late 19th C. Lo Vun Bin.[Profile of 22 Senior Masons. p28 Lecture demo, Hepburn. Oration Emerald in the East I.C. Lim Boon Par. Consecration E.A. Secret Moniter. p59 Oration Centenary Perak Chapter. p67 Basic Principles of Masonic Symbolism, C.G. Reigner. Absence from Lodge? Tan Seng Jin. p102 F'masonry in Borneo late 19th C. Lo Vun Bin.]
Pg Vol 51 1994.pdf
[Obit. of leading Dist. F'masons. Profile of new Leaders. Consecrations of Prov. Priory of S.E.A., J.W.Y. Eu No.9572, Pattaya No.1803 S.C. & Morakot No.945 I.C. List St. Michael papers 1945-1996. Papers, 1st 50 yrs. o/t craft in S.E.A. E.Jennings, Scots F'masonry before the 17th C. Neoh Ho Keat, F'masonry in Cyberspace L.J.O. McGill & Mullan. Malay Royalty & F'masonry, Ong Hean Tat. Info on Lodge meeting places. High lights of the Pentagram 1909/1997. Complete list D.G.M's & Dep. & Ass. D.G.M.'s 1858-1997. New Coat of Arms stained-glass windows.]
Pg Vol 52 1997.pdf
1. Obituaries - Yeo Tiam Siew/ E.L.S. Jennings/ Edward Kang Cheng Lim/ M Karthigesu/ Gerald Chan Cheow Kiat/ Loo Soo Chuan/ Peter Chia Ngit Yin/ Victor M.S. Thevathasan [page 4]2. New Faces [page 13]3. Consecrations and Laying of Foundation Stone [page 29]4. Centenary & Jubilee Celebrations [page 90]5. "Freemasons' Halls Singapore 1845 to 1879" (St Michael 29 Jan 2002) by E.F. Mullan [page 102]6. "The History of Mustapa Osman Lodge (1973 - 1978)" by Lai Kumar Sukumar [page 108]7. "At Home away from Home" by D.J. Warner [page 123]8. "Will Freemasonry Survive the 21st Century?" by Lai Kumar Sukumar [page 124]9. "Strategies for Sustainable Development" by K.H. Oorloff [page 125]10. "Early History of Mark Masonry - a short paper" by E.F. Mulla [page 130]11. "The Word" by Ronald Ng [page 133]12. "The Man and a Freemason Bro Tom Verity - The Salmon that went East and never made it Back" by Lai Kumar [page 137]
Pg Vol 53 2004.pdf
Pg Vol 54 2006.pdf
FREEMASONRY IN SOUTH EAST ASIA 1858-2008Part 1: The District Chapter 1: The District of the Eastern Archipelago [page 30] Chapter 2: The District in Recent Years [page 193]Part II: People, Places and LodgesChapter 3: The People: Characters of the District [page 244]Chapter 4: The Places: Temples and Lodges [page 424]Chapter 5: The Lodges: Development of the Lodges [page 48]Part III: The Craft and CharityChapter 6: The Craft [page 673]Chapter 7: Charity [page 701]
Pg Vol 55 2008.pdf

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