Lodge Histories

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Centenary Lodge 25th Anniversary 1959 to 1984R.pdf
Centenary Lodge Nom7629 EC - 50th Anniversay.pdf
Eastern Gate Lodge 75th AnniversaryR.pdf
Eastern Gate Lodge 2970 - 100 Years of Freemasonry in Singapore.pdf
The Lodge of St George First 130 years.pdf
The Lodge of St George 150th Commerative Yearbook R.pdf
Lodge St Andrew No 1437 SC 50th Anniversary 1949 to 1999 R.pdf
The Lodge St Michael Centenary 1902 to 2002.pdf
Lodge Singapore 25 th Anniversary 1952-1977R.pdf
Lodge Singapore 50 th Anniversary 1952-2002R.pdf
Lodge St Patrick 25 years 1954 to 1979R.pdf
Lodge St Patrick 50 years 1954 to 2004R.pdf
St George Royal Arch Chapter No 1152 EC.pdf
Edaljee Khory Lodge Centenary history.pdf
Star of the East Preceptory & Priory No 277 THe First 50 Years 1936 to 1986 and 1867 to1897R.pdf


DGLEA History of Lodges and Royal Arch Chapters (300th Anniversary of UGLE) - 2017R.pdf
UGLE Tercentenary Souvenir Brochure.pdf
Installation of DG Master and Grand Superintendent May 31 2003R.pdf
Masonic Year Book 1924.pdf
One hundred years of Scottish Freemasonry by DGL of the Middle East 1916-2016.pdf
District Grand Lodge of the Middle East 95th YearR.pdf
DGLMM SEA First 90 years.pdf
Freemasonry Eastern Archipelago - 150 years.pdf


A History of the Origin and Constitution of the READ TEMPLE COMMITTEER.pdf
Lodge Johore Utara No 5324 EC History 1932 to 1976.pdf
History of Dalhousie Royal Arch Chapter 2001.doc
The Johore Utara Lodge No 5324 EC.pdf
Klang Lodge No 3369 EC A History 1909 to 1940R.pdf


Berakas Lodge an Account of the Founding of the Lodge 1974R.pdf
Berakas Lodge Ceremony of Dedication and Concecration 1974R.pdf